Legenbauer Gas - Propane Service, Are they cheating customers?

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 5:23am CDT by Steve S.

Product: propane gas vendor

Company: Legenbauer Gas

Location: Main St. Averill Park, NY 12018

Category: Products, Services

When we moved into a new house, in a rural location, we needed propane tank service for the kitchen cooking stove.

We contacted Legenbauer Gas of Averill Park, NY (near Albany) to supply us with a propane gas cylinder.

They hooked up a 100# gas cylinder and using only a gas stove, the fuel ran out in a couple of months. We called to have the tank filled. Normally propane is delivered in a pressurized truck and pumped into the cylinder, the gas is metered and a delivery ticket showing the quantity delivered is given to the customer.

The Legenbauer people declined to refill our cylinder, insisting instead to remove the empty cylinder and replace it. Again in a couple of months we were out of gas.

When they came again I asked why they just didn?t fill the cylinder from their truck and give us a delivery ticket showing the amount delivered. They said ?this is the way we do it.?

I had them remove their 100# cylinder and quickly went down to the local hardware store and purchased my own 20# propane cylinder, had it filled and took it home to install. My 20# gas cylinder lasted just about as long as the 100# cylinders supplied by Legenbauer. This indicates that while were being charged for filled cylinders, Legenbauer was delivering gas cylinders which were not filled to capacity.

Without extensive testing and investigation it would be hard to prove we were being cheated on propane deliveries, currently a 20# gas cylinder lasts for about four months of stove use, about the same amount of time the 100# gas cylinders from Legenbauer lasted. This indicates the 100# cylinders delivered by Legenbauer contained about the same amount of propane as a 20# cylinder filled to capacity.

More recently we purchased our own 40# propane cylinder which is small enough to put in a truck and take to be filled. When full it lasts us nearly 8 months, many times longer than the 100# cylinders from Legenbauer.

We caution propane users about Legenbauer Gas as we believe they are short changing propane users who get gas cylinders from them delivered. We believe that they deliver only partially filled cylinders while charging customers for full tanks. We have no knowledge about metered gas delivery from their trucks.


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