LA FITNESS - Lack of public safety

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 11:19pm CDT by 8de8a5a3

Product: Gym


Location: 852 Route 3
CLIFTON, NJ, 07012, US


Category: Other

This gym in Clifton is unsafe for women and the customer service is atrocious.

I joined in August and ended up canceling my membership a month later. After my workout at the pool one day, a guy walked straight into the women's bathroom and shower area. He had to be escorted out of the shower/bathroom area by a cleaning lady - thank goodness she was there!

I together with another patron went to report the incident but there was no one at the front desk. When the staff member returned, we reported it, however, the staff member was unprofessional in her reaction since she watched on as the other patron and the 'pervert' had a screaming match at the front desk. Staff member did not call the police or escort the pervert from the gym. I was advised that the manager would call me the next day but there was no follow up from LA Fitness.

As a consumer my rights to shower and change in a reasonably safe FEMALE LOCKER ROOM at the gym were violated.

2 days later I filed a formal complaint with the manager on duty who was unconcerned and uncaring. Her response was that she would send my complaint letter to the corporate office but would not refund any of my gym fees. I mentioned options for them to improve the security at the gym, but she did not appear to take me seriously.

Ultimately, the gym covered up the incident by canceling my membership (as I requested) and there was no consequence for the pervert since he was not even a paying member.

This gym is not safe, has poor customer service and does not hold their members or guests accountable for their actions.


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