honda - ignition switch safety recall

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 6:42pm CDT by 93257edd

Product: ignition switch recall

Company: honda

Location: US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

to robert is another of the same subject from another site.... I bought a used Honda Accord LX, 1998 model in January of 1998 from Honda of Gardena (CA). It then had just under 5000 miles on it. Since then, in March of 2002, I had a defective ignition switch, which many months later Honda acknowledged as being defective. By then, I'd almost been killed 5 times as the power would cut off without warning while I would be driving. It would take countless attempts to get the car started again. Ultimately it had to be towed.

It cost me between $400 -500 to figure out what was wrong with it. Honda only reimbursed me $153.00 for the cost of fixing the actual part, not everything I had to do to even figure out what was wrong with the car. Their acknowledgment of the problem defect wasn't made til many months after the fact.


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