honda - honda safety recall

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 6:37pm CDT by 93257edd

Product: honda safety recall

Company: honda

Location: US


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to robert allyn...another complaint on same subject from another webWhen I called the dealer, he said the issue I was describing ($725) was not covered under the ignition recall, but was a separate issue, that there is no overlap in the two ignition repairs. What a load of crap! So I called back Honda. The new person told me to ask for the technician to contact their regional Honda rep to ask if a portion of the repair could be covered as a warranty repair, but I could not talk to that person myself. I have to rely on the technician to convince the Honda representative to cover my car. I have to beg Honda to do what they should be volunteering to do because they know this is a problem. This is exactly two weeks after spending my hard earned dollars on replacing a starter (which by the way is also an issue for numerous 2003 Honda Element owners). I am extremely


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