Honda - Honda Safety Recall

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 12:56pm CDT by 93257edd

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Company: Honda

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Wife and myself, along with grandchildren were placed in a very life-threatening situation on several occasions with vehicle stalling in heavy high-speed traffic. The ignition switch failed, but turned out to be a very expensive diagnoses and repair.... $2,350.19 to be exact. When I found out there had been a recall, I contacted Honda for reimbursement, but to no avail. They mailed me a check for the cost of the switch. No letter of explanation as to why they refused to not pay for the total repair bill. I find this to be very appalling for a company not to respond to a customer's complaint of a "Safety Recall".


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Robert Allyn L., 2012-10-05, 05:34PM CDT

Only repairs done by a Honda dealer are covered by Honda Warranty.

I am going to bet that the switch was a Honda purchased part but the repair was done without authorization by a non Honda facility.

So that is why you only got paid for the Honda part, not the repair. They would have refunded 100% of a Honda dealer repair and punished the dealer for billing the repair as the dealer is supposed to (and would have) check for recalls on all incoming vehicles.

Another case of why dealer repairs are good value but more expensive!

93257edd, 2012-10-05, 06:14PM CDT

dear robert allyn l....i went to three honda dealers and all wanted to charge me just to look at the car, regardless if it would be warranty or not....the vehicle was several years old and none of the dealers could tell me in advance of the switch as a possible recall nor if that was my problem....only an independent repair shop was willing to give me a quote on the repair and they did not know of the recall....i only found out about the recall after the repair was completed, by accident .... what really irked me,i was only able to get the part refund after bringing it a honda dealer, but only after honda america called several dealers before being able to convince one who would not charge me in advance.... honda dealers in my area are horrible...robert allyn, please do your homework before making a comment on a complaint, thanks but my experience has been dealer repairs are no better than independents and always more expensive...

93257edd, 2012-10-05, 06:33PM CDT

to robert is another complaint from another website....When I called the dealer, he said the issue I was describing ($725) was not covered under the ignition recall, but was a separate issue, that there is no overlap in the two ignition repairs. What a load of crap! So I called back Honda. The new person told me to ask for the technician to contact their regional Honda rep to ask if a portion of the repair could be covered as a warranty repair, but I could not talk to that person myself. I have to rely on the technician to convince the Honda representative to cover my car. I have to beg Honda to do what they should be volunteering to do because they know this is a problem. This is exactly two weeks after spending my hard earned dollars on replacing a starter (which by the way is also an issue for numerous 2003 Honda Element owners). I am extremely angry.

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