Chase Home Finance, Columbus, Ohio - Credit reporting violation

Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 1:34pm CDT by Kenneth Y.

Company: Chase Home Finance, Columbus, Ohio

Location: 3415 Vision Dr, Columbus, OH.


Category: Other

as of Jan. 13, 2012, Chase Home finance have lost a Forecloser case, the Judge have dismissed the case, due to the lack of proof on Chase Mortgage and Chase attorney have released my property, and Chase have continue to post a closed and transfer information on my Credit report, and I contacted three credit bureau and disputed 3 times, they all came back and said Chase home Finance refuse to take it out of my Credit report. If Chase can not proof their ownership of my property,and court paper showed it is dismissed, under the

Section 623(a)(4) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Violations of 623(a)(4)

If a creditor fails to properly report a voluntarily closed account or a credit reporting agency fails to note a voluntarily closed account on a credit report, your state law may allow you to get damages pursuant to FCRA 621(C)(1)(B). The FCRA itself, however, excludes you from obtaining damages under the FCRA for violations of 623(a)(4) except through state law pursuant to FCRA 623(c).

Before I go find a attorney and sue Chase Home Finance for Damage,I like to see, If I can settle this problem on line, Thanks


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