The Quarterdeck Inn By The Sea - The Quarterdeck Inn by the Sea- !!! WARNING !!!

Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 9:45pm CDT by NHSKIP T.

Product: The Quarterdeck Inn By The Sea-Hotels !!

Company: The Quarterdeck Inn By The Sea

Location: 123 Granite Street, Rockport, MA 01966


Category: Hotels

I would first like to warn consumers, before I get into details, this used to be a part of the "Yankee Clipper Inn" and believe it or not, after a short investigation, learned it used to have the same owner who actually sold off the Yankee Clipper Inn division and now only just operates the above captioned hotel/inn name !

Now for the complaint.

My mother and father were having their 40th Anniversary and have stayed at the Yankee Clipper Inn every year for the past 40 years ! On the night of their 40th stay, they learned there was no longer a pool available to swim in and that it was a part of the Yankee Clipper, which they made the reservation for but was told on arrival, not via phone, at the time of reservation, they were two seperate entities. They asked if they could use the pool since its at the same address, just a different building and were addressed very rudely and told they could not and if they didnt want to stay there, they didnt have to !!

This is the best part ! I called to try and wish my Mother and Father a happy anniversary that night and when I called the Yankee Clipper, where they said they were staying, I was told there wasnt anyone there by their name ! I explained there had to be a mistake and the educated person who answered the phone said they could be at the Quartdeck Inn and gave me the number. I then called the Quarterdeck Inn and asked if my parents were staying there and was told I could not have that information and would not confirm or deny my folks were even there. I then asked if I could be connected to their room and I was their son just trying to wish them a happy anniversary and was very rudely told that could not be done. I was at a loss for words and the person who took the call ( who I later identified as the old owner of the YANKEE CLIPPER)was extremly rude and non sympathetic about the situation. The phone call ended and about an hour and a half later I got a call from my parents saying the owner of the hotel (who had my caller id) said I called and was rude to him !!!!! A 100% lie ! I could not even believe this person had the audacity to accuse me of being rude when he was extremely un-professional and not helpful in anyway, and....he never even said to me, "if your parents are here, I will get them the message to call you". The rooms dont even have phones in them ! You can call and verify this for yourself ! Here is the craziest part of this excuse for a hotel/inn owner.....HE TOLD MY PARENTS WHO HAVE BEEN STAYING AT THE INN FOR 40 YEARS ! THEY WERE NO LONGER WELCOME AT THE HOTEL ! NO POOL ANYMORE OR PHONES IN THE ROOMS AND LAUGHABLE REDICULOUS MANAGEMENT BY THE ACTUAL OWNER. He also bad mouthed The Yankee Clipper Inn after selling that division off ! Good luck if you want to stay here. Bring a blow up pool and make sure you have a cell phone and a lot of patience for the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my 48 years alive on this planet ! Everything I have stated above is verifiable. My parents were broken hearted and checked out the next day ! DONT STAY AT THE QUARTERDECK INN BY THE SEA ! IT IS NOT THE SAME AS THE YANKEE CLIPPER INN.....NOT EVEN CLOSE !


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