www.lastminute.com - SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 6:22am CDT by sami b.

Product: travel , trip , hotel , air ticket , car rental

Company: www.lastminute.com

Location: UK

URL: www.lastminute.com

Category: Travel, Vacations

i was shopping for air tickets and hotel i found the cheapest price on this website , i'm not an european so when i was booking i saw the price and it was a sign very similar to the Euro sign , when i was charged i found out it was in Pounds , UK currency , the signs are very similar , when i wrote to them they told me i entered on the british website .

i never went to lastminute.com.uk i used the .com .

so if your not familiar with the european signs be aware they are charging you in pounds wish is higher then euros .


joyce m., 2013-04-29, 10:35PM CDT

I purchased tickets for what I thought was $574.67 and they billed me for $896.08. I had my credit card company try to resolve this overcharge but they got no where ! I did not know I was paying in Uk funds at any time. The company even guarantees the lowest price paid and I told them they were $250.00 over the other prices I was quoted and they still would not back the price of $574.67. This site should be shut down. I did not authorize $896.08.

94c5fc52, 2014-10-25, 11:00AM CDT

I agree same thing happened to me. classic bait and switch tactic. LASTMINUTE.COM SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!!!

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