NTB/ National Tire and Battery/ Tire Kingdom - NEVER GO to NTB/ National Tire and Battery/ Tire Kingdom

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 9:13am CDT by 095b9d7e

Company: NTB/ National Tire and Battery/ Tire Kingdom

Location: 1490 Almonesson Road Woodbury, NJ 08096

URL: http://www.ntb.com/tires/home.jsp

Category: Products, Services

Buyers, please beware!!!!

I had the worst customer experience of my life at NTB, and when I tried to get the problem resolved through their corporate offices, I was completely ignored - despite 5 phone calls to their "answering service".

Bottom line: DO NOT TAKE YOUR AUTOMOBILES FOR SERVICE AT NTB, National Tire and Battery Stores or Tire Kingdom affiliates.

My experience: I'd recently had a full service oil change, so all my fluids and major things had been checked. One thing that was found was that I needed 4 new tires. So, I went to NTB to take advantage of the buy two/ get two tire deal they had. After they added on all of the inflated fees for balancing and everything else, the price was THE SAME as it was to go elsewhere that didn't have a buy two/ get two deal. So, I asked for tires only. They call me shortly after I leave to report that my battery is bad, along with a few other things they wanted to charge me for. I confirmed later with another mechanic that these were LIES.

When I go to pick up my car, the vents were now making a very loud noise that they'd never made before. So, I called and politely asked that they recheck. I made my second trip back there only to have someone come back out and tell me that there was nothing they could do. I asked for the manager, who came out to tell me that "he didn't know what the problem was", then in the same sentence "that he knew what the problem was, but they didn't do it". And, to "go to the dealer to get it checked".

All this company was supposed to do was change my tires. Now, I'm leaving after my SECOND trip there with a broken issue in my venting system that they knew they did but refused to fix. Their solution to my problem was that I should take more of my time to take my car to a third party to get it fixed - and spend more of my own hard earned money.

Like I said earlier - called the corporate office 5 times and never got one call back. They are scumbags... DO NOT GO THERE!


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