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Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 10:16am CDT by Susan H.

Company: JaxJade or DVD Media

Location: US

URL: http://www.jaxjade.com/

Category: Online Shopping

I ordered a DVD Collection of Night Court on Friday 7/20/2012. My checking account at BofA was debited 7/24/2012. On Saturday, 7/21/2012, my debit card was "frozen" by BofA for possible fraud because the charge came from Tawain. I explained that I had placed an order the night before. I never received my order. I have been in contact with a customer service rep, Rene Sadler. She was very responsive at first. My last e-mail from her was on 8/31/2012. She said that they were sending me another order. I have not received it. I asked several times for a refund but have had no response. Rene.Sadler1.gmail.com. I still have all my e-mails from her. I also went back to the website and asked for a refund but there was no response. When I pull up the charge on my checking accout, it has WWW.LESMOR.BIZ Taiyuan. The charge was $85.06

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Lena B., 2013-09-02, 07:34AM CDT

I also have problem with this site at first and like you, Rene Sadler helped me a lot. My order was for the Gunsmoke whole collection. It?s almost 14 days and still the package didn?t arrived. I contacted the seller again and made a follow-up on my orders shipping status. Rene located the order and informed that the package got lost by our post office and they didn?t hesitate to provide a replacement shipment and received it after 5 days because they put it in highest priority. I also love the way they produced the ?Gunsmoke? I ordered from them which is just one of their high quality DVDs. They really indeed used the best technology to produce these classic TV series make the needs of the ones who longs for this a reality. Every moment I spent dealing with them was positive. Why don?t you try to contact them again? They didn?t reply me to me at first that fast because they told me that my first email got caught in their spam folders, maybe that?s what happened to you?

karen r., 2013-09-03, 05:40AM CDT

in my experience, I quickly surveyed on them and asked several questions which were answered quickly by their representatives. To be honest, I?m pretty astonished on the amount of these DVDs which are being sold cheaper compared to other online DVD shop! My order of for the complete DVD Collection of what i like about you and lizzy mcguire DVDs arrived in after a week in great shape with excellent audio and video quality. Everything from this website are done in a very proficient way!

Susan H., 2013-09-03, 07:39AM CDT

After two months, I finally received the Night Court DVDs. The quality was horrible. The DVDs were generic with no labels and stored in plastic sleeves. The episodes were obviously recorded from a TV set. Several of the DVDs would not even work. Several DVDs contained the same episodes. I could have done a much better job just using my DVR and TV set.

Allan P., 2013-09-07, 07:46AM CDT

Hi Susan. Same experience for me, I thought I would get an original set of Columbo DVDs and I get in touched with the company as soon as possible to address my concern regarding the quality of the DVDs I received. They answered back and explained that it?s a collector?s fan edition as an official Studio release for this series has not been released in the market. They also tried to offer me for a partial refund and keep the DVDs or to return it for a full refund. In my case, I accepted it because the quality is like 8/10. On a brighter note, the DVDs are fully-functioning with complete episodes. So I think it's ok. I received my refund of $25 dollars after 12 working days. Overall, this seller provided me a full satisfaction. At least they know how to stand behind their products. Have you tried to email them already?

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