Global Gold Metals Trading/GGMT/Global Gold Xchange - Global Gold Metals Trading Scam, ripped me off $13,000, stole my money, lied to, no refund.

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 3:57pm CDT by 427dea1e

Product: Gold and Silver

Company: Global Gold Metals Trading/GGMT/Global Gold Xchange

Location: 4222 Fortuna Center Plaza #152


Category: Jewelry, Watches

Unfortunately, I am another victim of FRAUD and THEFT by Global Gold Metal Trading GGMT in the amount of $13000!!! The purpose of this report is to caution any future BUYER about dealing with this GLOBAL GOLD METAL TRADING, GGMT, GLOBALGOLDEXCHANGE. In fact I recommend you buy from another company and do not risk losing your money.

I purchased $13,426.25 worth of silver from this company on 9/11/12. Per company policy I wired the money into their bank account, Bank Of America, in Georgia. This should have been the first red flag that I should not buy from this company. Once the money is wired into their account it is GONE!

On 9/18/12 I received an email from GGMT that the shipment was delayed. Then on 9/20/12 I was told my package was shipped so I asked for the tracking number to locate the shipment. I contacted the Post Office but they had no proof of shipment. In fact USPS said if they got the package it would of been scanned. This means, GGMT lied and the package was never shipped.

I contacted the owner EARL and he claims USPS lost my package which is hard to believe when USPS told me it was never shipped. Then Earl tells me that he has to make a claim with the insurance company which takes 48 hours to try to locate a package (that USPS says was never shipped) and after this time the money would be wired back into my account. Does any insurance company only take 48 hours to track a package, verify it was sent and lost,and issue a refund of $13000?

When I contacted Earl to find out where my $13000 is he told me not to email him, not to do business with him and he would wire the funds into my account Monday morning at 9 am today. Today, as expected, the money was not in my account and I called Earl. Earl claims the insurance company did not refund him the money and I would have to wait until he can give me a check. He would issue me a check instead of a wire transfer because of all the problems that I supposedly caused to his business. It didn't seem to bother him that he has committed wire fraud, larceny and theft.

At this point, I have contacted the Attorney General of Virginia, the Attorney General of Georgia, the Attorney General of California, the United states Postal Inspection Service, the FBI, the wire transfer fraud department of my bank, the Federal Trade Commission, and local authorities. In addition, I have hired an attorney who is filing a law suit in Virginia and Georgia. I would suggest whoever had provided money to this company, get it back ASAP before Earl is arrested, in which case you will have no access to it.

Luckily my time serving in Iraq gave me the opportunity to meet different people in law enforcement and I have contacted them to look into this company and owner and the fraudulent activities he is involved in. I am pursuing both civil and criminal actions against Earl and GGMT



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marc W., 2012-10-12, 06:11AM CDT

Please share your info with me!! Earl has taken over $3000 from me!! I do not have the contacts that you do. I am a California firefighter who bought gold for investment

427dea1e, 2012-10-12, 08:14PM CDT

If anyone reading this has been a victim of global gold metals trading scam and they are holding your money. Please email me now to join the class action lawsuit against this company. We all need to work together for this to work, more people, the better.

lawsuit.ggmt at gmail dot com

Thank you

3ea60595, 2012-10-23, 10:22AM CDT

MARC W: Can you give us some type of contact email we can contact you at? At that point we can validate you/us both ways to prove we are legitimate.

Vlodek T., 2012-11-09, 06:18PM CST

I'm in similar situation, I lost $4850.00 That is a big loss for me, If anyone can help me please email me at [email protected]

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