General Electric - Exploding Washer

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 10:15am CDT by Mark

Product: Washer Model WCVH6800J2BB

Company: General Electric

Location: US


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

A year ago we bought a front loading washer/dryer set from GE. The DAY AFTER the one year warranty expired we came home to a horrible burning circuit smell and white smoke coming out of the washing machine. The technician we brought out charged us $72 to tell us that the main bearing had gone out which overheated the machine and melted the drive belt. Total repair costs were estimated at $800. I sent an email to GE's customer service hotline and got no response. It seems like they would be frantically working to recall or repair their appliances that catch on fire, but instead I get silence. Posting here makes me feel a bit better, though. Thanks for having this forum!

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Mark, 2012-10-04, 07:15PM CDT

OK, I have some progress. I started posting here and other social media sites, including GE's twitter and FB pages, and got a response in ONE HOUR. Things are not resolved yet but are working in that direction as GE is offering to repair the washer. So maybe this will be a happy ending after all.

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