(XU KUI) - Getting pretty hairy!

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 at 1:26am CDT by Monica S.

Product: Wig

Company: (XU KUI)

Location: 208 No. 220 Yan An San Road Quingdao 266071 China
QINGDAO, 266071, CN


Category: Other

On August 17th 2012 I purchased a 16 inch deep wave virgin Indian wig from The wig I received a week later had an odor that could best be decribed as cornchips. No matter how many times it was washed and disinfected it would still smell up a room. I had to pay to send it back. In the meantime because I had gotten a couple of descent wigs from them in the past I ordered another wig for a friend. When this wig arrived we tried to add highlights to it and it was ruined because it was obviously not virgin. So much for my friends $340.00.

My replacement wig finally arrived today. I could tell from the moment I pulled it out of the box it was not virgin hair. The waves look processed and It was also dry looking and shedding. I put it the sink with clear water and the water turned reddish brown from the dye that had been used on it. I took picture of the brown water and the hair and emailed it to the company. I called the company and spoke to a representative who was very nonchalant and uncaring. I was told I wouldn't hear anything for a week because it was a Chinese holiday.

A month and a half and waiting...

It seems that I will be paying for a wig in postage before I get what was promised.

Buyer's Beware!


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Betty L., 2013-03-22, 12:14PM CDT

I have tried time and time again to reach this (company?). All I get is a recording stating that the phone # is temporarily off-line. I have tried for several days to reach them to no avail.I purchased human hair extensions, but instead, I received synthetic, very shiny, orange looking extensions. I paid $95.89 for this, I need to return this, but can not without an authorization. They only give you 7 days to return! I will definitely be more selective with companies in the future.

Tanya W., 2013-10-15, 12:57PM CDT

These people are fuckn crooks what ???? My husband got me weave for about $202 dollars and ithis wig looks processed and it's shedding ... My crooks should give me back my money am damn pissed..

7ccff482, 2013-12-24, 08:43PM CST


The demonically possessed hair company (LACEWIGSBUY.COM) would not allow me to pay with my credit cards on their site so it prompted me to use pay pal so I did , when I chose to do so , it then made the sellers pay pal account have some sort of technical difficulties and although it accepted my payment , it basically just took my money without forwarding my order over to the sellers site, so, My orders were not being processed it just took my money , seeing that they prevented my orders from being processed, I then knew that it would had put me out of over $500 cash and I could not afford to lose that money and not receive the hair , so naturally I had to file a dispute because If I would had not filed a dispute it would had never had been brought to the seller's attention at all that my money was paid to them but they did not receive my orders , so I filed and then the man at pay pal told me that the reason for the faulty transaction and unsuccessful ordering was that the seller's Pay pal account was not set up right and it was the sellers fault that they did not do it right.

Well the seller then called me days after the dispute and tried to get me to pay over the phone to some random caller and unfamiliar phone number wanting my credit card numbers , so I declined , and then I went back online when I had the time to reorder the hair and thats when the seller told me they cannot accept my credit cards because They say that "I showed Dishonor" by disputing the charge. But If I wouldn't had disputed then they would had gotten my money and never processed my order and I would had been screwed anyways.

So she says if I still want the orders then I have to western union the money to some name in china.

Which is a scam , because basically their company is based out of canada and not china but they know if its done threw china they can keep your money and never even send you the product , and they said they cannot accept credit card payment from me no matter what Bank or credit card I USE , The only way is through western union.

Well now its in my mind that the only reason they want western union is because the buyer cannot recover from the purchase if the hair never comes and if they fuck up the order and they know that if its done with a credit card then the buyer has protection and can dispute and recover their money back when of if the seller SHOWS DISHONOR and attempts to rip the buyer off.

Or realistically why would they throw a fit and say only through Western Union ? and why would they not allow me to Use one of my other credit cards from another bank?

Caveat Emptor

Under the principle of caveat emptor, the buyer could not recover damages from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud.

THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS and the evidence is clear , they were trying to possess me into being ripped off . and you cannot trust a company that is not US based . they have different laws .

So now I cant order Hair from them ever again , and thats the story of how LACEWIGSBUY.COM conspired and succeeded at ruining my buying my hair pieces online!

But NO ACCOUNTABILITY from them at all.

85095af7, 2015-08-19, 07:34AM CDT

Please, do not order anything from this company. They are unprofessional and practice deceptive practices. Their products are inferior and cheap!!

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