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Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 at 2:17pm CDT by Carlos P.

Company: Reebok

Location: CACEM, LISBOA, 2735, PT

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

I purchased a pair of Reebok classic sports shoes for my son and to my surprise on the second usage they had a terrible odour. I complained to the shop where we purchased them in Cacem, Portugal. A couple of weeks later returned back to the shop and was told that the Reebok distributor suggested that probably my son used the shoes without socks ! This is not the case and funny thing is that his previous shoes were also Reebok and no problems with them. This sure is a problem with the fabrics used in this shoe and besides spending the 60 euros for a pair os shoes that are now useless I was surprised at the lack of interest from the Reebok distributor in Portugal. I will not be buying any other shoes from Reebok and strongly advise future buyers to be very careful about buying any of these shoes ( made in Vietnam ). I also tried to send a complain via the Reebok website and due a bug it is not possible to forward any email as the text area always suggest the text is over 500 characters even when you try to send it with much less characters. If this complaint is read by anybody from Reebok I sure would appreciate an explanation to my email, [email protected]


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