UniRelo - Lots of valuable stuff lost

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 12:22pm CDT by 69aac9eb

Product: Relocation services

Company: UniRelo

Location: US

URL: http://www.unirelo.com/

Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

This is my personal experience. I relocated from California, USA to Bangalore, India in May 2012. I had insurance for the same. My stuff reached India in July 2012. As i am in Bangalore with 2 kids i asked UniRelo to do the customs clearance in Chennai & i gave them the power of attorney for the same. They were very easy to talk to & always responded to calls & mails till then. Once i got my stuff delivered at my home in Bangalore i noticed stuff missing. Just not a few stuff, lots of stuff & only the new items. Stuffs missing were shoes, watches, handbags, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, moisturizing cream, electronic toys. I calculated, it came to more than $1600. I called UniRelo, they told we are sorry, please make a list & claim insurance. Then i requested them that insurance is a secondary thing but i want UniRelo to investigate how can things be stolen right in front of their eyes at the port. No point they stopped responding to my calls & even to my mails. I kept saying that with money i cant get my stuff back again, i trusted you guys & you let the theft happen right in front of your eyes. The only thing they used to say is "We are investigating" But i never got an update or call.

Then i finally called the US office & they atleast talked to me. My insurance got declined as it was packed by me & opened by me so they dont trust. I trusted UniRelo & they never helped me in figuring out who did the stealing. I told them its pure theft, how could such a thing even happen. Now UniRelo has agreed to pay me $100.

I am so disappointed with my horrible experience with Universal Relocations. I could not believe when i saw stuff missing. If you let stealing happen right in front of your eyes then why should we pick Universal Relocations. If its not their mistake then they should investigate the matter & give me an update. But they are silent on everything.

The most horrible, disappointing, painful experience with Universal Relocations


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