Lady of America in Puerto Rico - Lady of America stop harrasing people

Posted on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at 8:54pm CDT by Eileen M.

Company: Lady of America in Puerto Rico

Location: US

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

My subscription expired but they still continued charging even months after the expiration and I payed them even those months to avoid problems and even I was not going to the gym anymore. I had to send them an official certified mail, cancelling the subscription that allready expired. The automated charges finished , But they are still constantly calling, at any time, even on weekends saying that I owe them money. I don't understand. I waited for my subscription to finish to avoid any charges for canceling before the expiration date. They even continued taking the month payment even after the subscription terminated and they still want me to pay some ridiculous money. !

I owe them nothing. I did everything right to avoid this kind of problems and still they want me to pay them some substancial amount. This is stealing. Inventing anything because they just want money. I am thinking in going to a lawyer. Maybe I can take some money from them from a lawsuit.!

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04104327, 2012-12-30, 08:37AM CST

You should post that company's full name, address, website address, email addresses and some names of the people you spoke with so the public can know which company to avoid here.

Also, you should actually take them to the small claims court if you have documented proofs that you canceled your subscriptions.

You can dispute all the charges they charged on your credit card by calling the credit card company. Most credit card companies allow 90 days to a year to dispute some charges. You can just tell your credit card company that you had canceled their subscription and they still keep on billing you.

Also, it is a good idea to call up your credit card company and ask them to send you a new card with a new number and tell them it is because this company has your credit card number and they have charged on it after you canceled their subscription so you want to protect yourself. The credit card company should immediately deactivate your card and mail you a new one with new number and new code also.

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