Success Martial Arts, Central Valley NY - AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS

Posted on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at 1:02pm CDT by fb7f13a6

Product: Sports/Recreation

Company: Success Martial Arts, Central Valley NY

Location: 140 Rt. 32


Category: Sports, Recreation

This place cares more about your money than your child. They seduce you into a contract and are very deceptive in their sales methods. If you or your children loose interest, become financially strained, or are dissatisfied with the program you will be forced to pay the remainder left on your 'contract' or be sued for multiple thousands, as several former parents have learned, in order to be released. Then there are fees for everything! For a 10 dollar belt and a thin piece of wood, a student is charged for "graduation tests and hundreds for black belt ceremonies" that are simply conveyor belts to collect money.

SMA is NOT an acknowledged Tae Kwon Do school - not by the American, National or World Tae Kwon Do Associations - it a hybrid TKD school at best.

This owner is completely lost on the value of customer service and is totally self-serving - he rarely teaches a class and leaves most of the grunt work to the teen students. We have never experienced a more dreadful environment for a child of any age. This place will make your child hate martial arts forever. The whole meaning, philosophy and the beauty of martial arts is completely lost in this place.

Do yourself and your children a significant favor and seek real martial arts instruction elsewhere - if you want an excellent after school program for your child, try the Monroe YMCA program, it's significantly cheaper, they offer after-school transportation and offer better quality martial arts training along with many other after school activities your child will enjoy much more than they ever will here.


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