ghada - bad service

Posted on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at 1:16am CDT by ghadA a.

Company: ghada

Location: US

Category: Airlines

First I did reserve my ticket on 28th of septemper and it was chosen for too many personal reasons and I prepared for that then they call me on Egypt air saying there is problem on the bank I went right away to the bank to fix it but when I called back they said I lost my day after too many argument with the agent I got the 27 which affect me but I was having no other choice then I went on my day and I got some problem with the Egypt air manager his name is Mr omar I went to ask hem to help me because there was miss understanding with means I try to tell him that I am doing nothing different than any time but they don't accept my lugges and they want to charge me extra money I am an Egypt air member and I got a lot of my family and friends on Egypt air plus membership and but he didn't even listen to my question or try to see the problem the problem that I was having comfort with me and they want to consider it as a hand bag and they ask me to pay 185 for my hand bagthe customer service in total was sooo bad every body wasnt helpful and I take my hand bag with me to carry it on the plan and I return the comfort with my brother after that when I reach the plan door I find Mr Omar asking me to pay 185 I told him I return the comfort his answer was u have 5 minutes after that I will close the door of the plan and I won't let u go hurry up and pay I paid the money felling so upset of the service in total


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