Helm Associates,INC. - The Shit Continues

Posted on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 11:55am CDT by Annetta C.

Company: Helm Associates,INC.

Location: 292 Bristol Pike Croydon,Pa 19021
CROYDON, PA, 19021, US

URL: www.HelmAutoLoans.com

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My complaint with B and B automotive and Helm associates continue to reveal more scams. I took the truck in and it's considered a repo., though it's not. They put a large sum of moneys I am suppose to owe on my credit report. I need a good lawyer. Contact me at [email protected]


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Business Reply  Helm Associates, 2012-10-01, 05:07PM CDT

I apologize for the confusion, but I think you may be misinterpreting what is on your credit report. Give us a call at (215) 781-6776 and we can explain what you are seeing! -Helm Associates

44cec09a, 2013-10-02, 02:02PM CDT

Helm associates/B&B automotive is THE WORST experience anyone can have especially as a first time car purchase. Go with the REAL car dealers and loan companies, if your credit is to messed up then just save up and purchased directly. DO NOT pay these ppl triple the amount for a vehicle that as mines was has issues from the first day of leaving the lot. I purchased my vehicle in January of 2012, left off the lot and a few hours later my check engine lights come on. I contacted the company and they told me to they'd have someone come and pick up the car the following day to service it. So I arranged for this to take place, car is returned runs fine for about a month, again check engine light comes on now car also has some type of jolt to it. Call them again supposedly issue is fixed again, NOT same issue again, I call them this is round three, now I have to leave the car for a few days and etc. etc, but then it's a issue getting a date to leave the car. In the end a few months after my purchase date the car engine is blown, radiator blown, head gasket. Now the shop can service my and tries to tag on an extra 3,000 for service that they can "work out into a payment plan". I voulintarily gave them the vehicle. Well three months later a repo guy shows up at my house looking for the car that they had for months. When told this he says oh okay. Seriously sickening, then they take money out of my account which my first bank has returned, my second bank is in the process of returning my funds. This company is horrible and the prior comment left by an 'agent' from Helm is a joke. You people don't fix any problems you just give people the run around. SCAM SCAM SCAM Buyer BEWARE!

77e5c46b, 2015-02-12, 11:49PM CST

They are the worst I purchased a vehicle from them and they charged 7 times the amount of the book value of the car if anyone can help please email me

1f3dfd16, 2015-05-26, 10:03AM CDT

I have a car with helm and I'm paying 14 grand for a 2400 Dollar vehicle. The reason being is bad credit interest. That's what they do. The interest is worse than a credit card. Nevertheless, even though my divorce messed up my credit I still got a vehicle. In Pa once you purchase a car it's your problem. Even if you return it the amount owed will be on your credit report. In Pa there is no law saying they have to refund your money after the sale papers have Been signed. If you take the car back it's a repossession.

6a23b445, 2015-05-26, 12:59PM CDT

This message is the person who posted today at 11:03 EST, please email me your contact info and I will attempt to discuss this and help you.


Mike Myslinski

Finance Director

Helm Associates

[email protected]

f05f5c3c, 2015-06-15, 06:28PM CDT

helm associates and b&b are the biggest scam i ever seen in my life, sadly enough they pry on young and people with bad credit and get them for triple the amount the car is worth. The comment from 44cec09a back in 2012 is the same issue i'm having with these folks today as june 15th 2015. i purchase a 2005 ford taurus with these folks who told me i had a 30 month warranty that covers everything but normal wear and tear issues. Ironically my car has been serviced 7 times since i got it a year ago and has been out of my possesion for days and even weeks at a time and each time time its been serviced except for once on a belt issue they say my warranty doesn't cover it. The issues with the vehicle mainly is that it accelerates by itself and the steering wheel makes a loud cranking noise when you turn and the sometimes stalls when you change gears. So like my friend 44cec09a they also hit me with a extra service fee of 1200 dollars that would be added to my loan because my warranty didn't cover the issue "i was having". after getting the car back its giving me the same issue i took it in for again which they assured me was fixed and how they drove my car around for days and didn't experience any issues. as maury would say 'that was a lie". so as of may 8th the last time i made a payment for this lemon i told my account manager i will no longer make payments on this vehicle either get me in another or take it back from me and for the record the 14 months i had the vehicle i never missed a payment or made a late payment. now we are here june 15th 2015 and my account manager boss Mike Myslinski decides to call me and give me the worst customer service i ever had, yells at me as if i'm his child and curses at me demanding a payment for a vehicle that isn't functioning properly even though it has a "30 month warranty" that never covers anything. i'm currently in talks with my lawyer and would hate to see ANYONE GO THROUGH WHAT I'M CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH. HELM ASSOCIATES ARE SCAM ARTIST AND WILL COME DOWN WITH A BIG LAWSUIT THE WAY THE DRIVE NOW BUY HERE PAY HERE PLACE DID!!!

0db067e8, 2015-07-01, 12:07PM CDT

Awful just awful and caused an anxiety attack. Lost my job in May and although a little late I still continued to pay every other week. I hit a wall where I asked for an extension for the current payment due and was shot down. I have no money and need ONE week to catch up. I understand the terms of service but unlike most creditors they are just not willing to work with you. I was advised by B&B that Helm DOES have a $50.00 extension fee if you must miss a payment due to circumstances. This is extreme and I asked for one week...one. Half the time I don't hear from my account manager and if I do she's rude. I don't recommend this place and there is absolutely nothing I can do except sit and wait and see what will happen with a car i can't afford to fix because the battery died 5 months after I purchased it, and the breaks were bad. I also never had the new inspection when I purchased the car and nobody will help me. I don't recommend Helm Or B&B as I'm paying almost 20K for a 2004 vehicle that's worth 5k at most. I don't blame them for loosing my job, I blame them for being heartless through out the whole situation, not helping me get the proper inspection, or breaks as they were bad when I purchased the car and wouldn't have passed their inspection. Also being I asked to please extend the payment by one week so I can gather my situation under control and was told to not pay other things is sad.

aisha, 2015-09-28, 04:46PM CDT

Helm associates are very inconsiderate...i fell a week behind in my payment and they refused to extend me the three days that I needed even thou I was out of state 700 miles from home!!!! I had a death in the family and traveled to Georgia but live in Nj they did not care now I've missed work and am hoping to even have a job when I return!!! I'm a single mother of three so things happen and I basically only have myself to depend on ..thank god brought my children with me ,even thou they are missing school..im really thinking about ending my loan regardless of how it will reflect my credit these people do not care about you or your family!!! I've never dealt with such a crude company...good luck thou

6e96c80b, 2015-10-24, 11:27AM CDT

I agree with everyone else! I have been a perfect paying customer for over two years! I called in to them because there's a chance I may be getting laid off and nobody cared. I asked after two years there has to be something they can do. On top of that, I have needed repairs several times and even though their contract states they give rental cars, they lost their rental contract and I have to pay for it myself. I was told I would be reimbursed, but not 3 months later!! They actually still owe me for a rental I needed and wasn't reimbursed. I also had a water pump go and after the repair they told me I had fees owed for a hose and antifreeze and a few other things. Why do I have a warranty then?! Oh their excuse was.....well those things need to be replaced and were normal wear. No jackass, the water pump failure is the cause of it all therefore I shouldn't have to be held responsible!!! They are making so much money of people who work hard for their money and was advised by my lawyer and financial accountant that they are not reporting to any credit bureaus. Please do not go here! I wish I never did!!

Oh and I also noticed I received a call a few days after buying my car. Guy asked me couple questions, then a few days later he posted on their site " his version" of my comments!! My lawyer is looking into that too

53b7b5fc, 2016-02-03, 08:48AM CST

I live in NJ and I can't even begin to tell you what these people put me through. But if anyone has the name of a good lawyer, please email me at: [email protected] From the signing to the door nothing but lies. Everything my salesman Jos? told me before signing, when I brought it to his attention, he says he never said it. They charged me $17,0000:for a 2002 Town & Country. Go figure. When the first car they gve me ws a 2005 Kia Sedona that would cut off while I was driving. Almost had 3 fatal accidents due to this. So they gave me a 2002 to replace and never adusted the price. Not one receipt nothing. They need to be shut down and have the nerve to write me and ask would I like to refer some customers to them. I care more about my friends than that!!

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