ValleyView Landscape Company - Landscaper Rip-off

Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 12:35pm CDT by Jayme I.

Product: Landscaping

Company: ValleyView Landscape Company

Location: Monroe, NC

Category: Home, Garden

Do not hire this guy. He disappeared from our job, owing us approximately $5,000.

We hired John to do both landscaping and hardscape in our backyard. He is a nice, soft-spoken, polite man, who gave us a very professional presentation. He seemed to know a great deal about plants, and to have a lot of experience with patios, masonry and outdoor kitchens. My guess is that he actually does know the plants, but not the rest of it. The patio he put in looks pretty good, although it?s not level ? there?s a noticeable dip in one spot that he acknowledged and said he would fix, but never did.

After tearing out our existing landscape and building the patio, John started work constructing the base for the outdoor kitchen. I don?t think he?d ever done that type of masonry work before because he was at it for literally months, and he had to tear parts down that weren?t right. When he finished the base, we realized that the construction was neither level nor square. It was wider in some parts than others.

Then he simply disappeared. We reached him by phone and he said he?d run out of money and couldn?t afford to buy the kitchen equipment or the materials to complete the kitchen (it had no top) until he got paid for another job. He said he still had enough money to put in our plants, and would be there the next day. That?s the last we heard of him, although we have tried repeatedly to reach him by phone and email.

When he left, our backyard was a disaster. All the plants in the bedding areas that he was supposed to landscape were ripped up ? exposed mud. Mud was all over the patio. The outdoor kitchen was a horrible eyesore ? an unfinished construction zone, with debris everywhere. John left with the money that was supposed to buy all the kitchen equipment, bushes, trees, tiles and other materials to finish the construction.


7cd3abf0, 2014-09-28, 06:08PM CDT

I had the exact same experience in August 2014. I am also out approximately $5000 and will be using the court system to extract my money back. Do not hire this company or John Cameron located in Waxhaw, NC

Karen R., 2014-10-29, 09:36PM CDT

John Cameron did a fine job for us however, after referring him to others a year later, the complaints started coming in. He doesn't handle the money well and got into a lawsuit for not finishing a job. He is hit or miss. I suggest you do not give him money until he has finished the job. He better get his act together and finish a job for someone very near and dear to me. He's destroying his reputation and the business he has created for himself.

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