Worldwide Who's Who - Hidden Policies

Posted on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 at 5:20pm CDT by Jennifer N.

Product: Press Relase

Company: Worldwide Who's Who

Location: 445 Westbury Blvd


Category: News, Media

I joined Worldwide Who's Who's membership by giving them a credit card number. They sent me a welcome package which had to be down loaded from an e-mail. Before I was allowed to download the membership package a box had to be checked agreeing to terms of the services. In fine print what is not obvious is that 100% of the charges they make to your credit card, erroneous or otherwise are nonrefundable.

I received a phone call stating they were to do a press release on me. I did not ask for this service nor was I made aware until the end of the 20 minute call there was a charge for it. Over the next several days I e-mailed my request not to have the press release done. My e-mails went unanswered. The next week an error filled press release that appeared to be written by my school age child arrived via e-mail and a request to approve it. I did not approve it, nor did I authorize it. My credit card was charged over $700. I immediately called and received a flip attitude from the supervisor of the customer service "Kristen" that all sales are final as they put so much work into the press release.

I feel as though my credit card has been stolen from me. I strongly urge anyone considering doing business with these folks to beware of their bad business practices and to run in the other direction at all costs!


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