Supreme Kakes - Rude and Uncooperative, even hung up

Posted on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 11:22am CDT by Silky G.

Company: Supreme Kakes

Location: 14520 Memorial Drive
HOUSTON, TX, 77079, US


Category: Food

I have used Supreme cakes twice before. I found them advertising on a Spanish Television station. Both times I used them, I sent an email to an email address they provided to me the morning before I needed my 1/4 sheet cake with the edible image, and the cake was ready the next day. Today, I did the same thing, I emailed my edible image to the same email address I have used twice before, then called Supreme Kakes to let them know of the email, and order. The man whom answered was passive aggressive & nonchalant about the order (as if business is so good they don't need another order), and told me they need 72 hours to make a 1/4 sheet cake, with an image, and that they don't check emails until 72 hours later (twice he mentions the 72 hours). He then began to play games with me, and act as if he could not hear the cake flavor, then my name, calling me other names. I hung up called from a land line, and identified myself as the lady he allegedly could not hear, and point blank asked him "Can you make the cake or not, if not then I will look somewhere else?" He then hung up on me. There was another man next to him the whole time that the guy on the phone with me was repeating everything I said to, and that man was advising him of how to respond.

Bottom line, I Googled cakes in Houston, found Three Brother Cakes, whom accepted the email I sent to Supreme Kakes, and told me no problem, your cake will be ready tomorrow at 2 p.m., no lecture, games, or unethical behaviors. For a person trying to get her 77 year old father's party together, the less hassle from being you are trying to give your money to, the better! Thanks Three Brothers Bakery, Oh, and Supreme Kakes, you lost a good customer due to your unethical shenanigans.


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