Dunkin Donuts - Consistently Inconsistent

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 8:22pm CDT by deb6bb78

Product: coffee/donuts/bagels

Company: Dunkin Donuts

Location: US

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to say how much I enjoy Dunkin Donuts (DD). I prefer it much more than your main competitor. I like the fact that there are many shops in the New England area and all I have to do, when traveling, is pull into the nearest town and order my cup of coffee. I frequent your shops so often that I had to start purchasing your gift cards for myself. I used to use my debit card, but when the bank statement arrived every month, it was several pages long with mostly Dunkin Donuts charges. With the gift card, I did not have to see all the charges on my statement. Only the purchase/refill charge of the gift card. This clever idea reduced the number of pages of my monthly bank statement.

Recently, I heard DD describe itself as a restaurant and not a coffee shop. DD has increased the number of items on its menu but it still provides a core service. Your products are tied to your service or delivery of the product. This leads me to my complaint. Your products are inconsistent. I normally do not write letters of complaint, but I thought I should, especially when I add up how much money I spend at your shops on a monthly basis.

You would think it would be easy to make a small cup of coffee? I live in Natick, Massachusetts and enjoy my cup of coffee when driving to work in the morning. It has become a habit. I go to a specific shop in Natick in the morning, and then another one when I?m returning from work. I will go to third shop when I?m running errands during lunch. The shop that I go to in the morning cannot provide me with a consistent cup of coffee (small French vanilla, regular). One morning it will be great. The next visit, it will be too dark or have too much of the French vanilla flavoring added or not the same amount of sugar. I can?t believe that it?s so difficult to make a consistent cup of coffee. I pointed it out the friendly employee behind the register, and she said that they are having problems with their calibrated machines. The cream/milk machine needed to be calibrated. However, even after the machine was calibrated, the coffee was inconsistent. The second shop does not produce the same French vanilla regular coffee as the first or third. Each shop has its own version of the same cup of coffee. Why is it so hard to be consistent even with calibrated machines?

The problem doesn?t only lie with coffee. I will replace my meal with a donut/munchkin or bagel if I?m running late. I like to fool myself when I buy munchkins, thinking that four munchkins will have fewer calories than one whole donut. Chocolate glazed munchkins are my favorite. I will order my munchkins and be disappointed when I taste blueberry flavoring. I?m assuming that blueberry donuts were glazed prior to the chocolate munchkins and thus the munchkins acquired the blueberry taste. That happens with other donuts as well.

On occasion, I will bring in bagels to work for my coworkers on Fridays, as a treat. Sesame bagels are my favorite. I will go to the same shop, and they will not be consistently baked. Sometimes they look half cooked and pale in color, while other times, they will have a beautiful brown color and look and feel cooked.

I noticed that DD spent a lot of money upgrading the take out windows. All shops now have an outside digital display screen. This screen displays the amount the customer owes on the order. There?s a warning sign below the digital display that states if an employee requests an amount different from what is on the digital display, please call the manager. I have never encountered any employee theft related issues at any of your stores. All the employees I?ve seen work hard and efficiently. They also are very nice. However, I can tell by the individual who is preparing my order if it?s going to be good or bad. Each employee has a different delivery style.

Your products are tied to the delivery, and it goes beyond having calibrated machines. Your employees, at all locations, have to follow the same steps and procedures and machines need to be calibrated uniformly. If you can fix the consistency/delivery of your product you would have a very happy customer.


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