Matts Landau Vacation Rental Marketing - Matt Landua Is An Asshole! Vacation Rental Marketing Scam

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 5:54pm CDT by Ryan B.

Product: Vacation Rental Marketing

Company: Matts Landau Vacation Rental Marketing

Location: US


Category: Internet Services

I feel Matt Landau is a professional con artist. He sold me a book on his blog that was suppose to help me with marketing my vacation rental.

The book has several names boost occupancy report and 30 bookings in 30 days. I know I shouldn't have believed I could make 30 bookings in 30 day I fell for the sleazy sales pitch. 30 bookings in 30 days maans I would book my property nearly a year in advance within 30 days, I feel so stupid as I write this.

The boost occupancy report is a short pdf document with like 40 pages and I paid $77 for it. I was pissed when I seen what cost me $77 the price is now $97 which is ridiculous for a 40 page pdf. I gave it a chance and read it in like an hour and was even more ticked that everything in the book didnt make sense.

Before writing this review about I researched him I found the book advertised for $47 under a website he is selling this to bed and breakfast owners and another site the boost occupancy report is being sold to hotels.

How can this be, Matt Landau conned me and he will con you.

You should stay far away from this guy. He disguising himself and over exaggerates about in his slimy way.

Here is a list of website he is luring in unsuspecting owners and customers in from.


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