Posted on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 at 6:08pm CDT by HALIL T.

Product: F550 EXR

Company: FUJI

Location: US

Category: Consumer Electronics

. Frustrated me that I am liking the camera. While promising to fix my hand, and I could not believe when I saw that there is nothing to change. The problem is not solved in the same way, and the problem continues. I do not know what to expect in Turkey is not covered under the warranty to get from USA.

Does not change the image remains the same. Lcd screen freezes when taking pictures 3 or 4 times. No response press selector buttons and no control does not answer. Removing the battery turns on. No warning messages and displays Video capture is recorded recording movies rec icon display 20 sec or 60 sec after time is stop; pres the movies buton no response ,no record and no save camera image remains constant does not change the screen freezes The camera does not turn off. Removing the battery turns on. I have tried with two different full battery and memory


I bought on holiday in USA F550 exr. After returning to Turkey realized that the problem on the camera.Fuji is never happy with my camera yet. I do not recommend. I sent for USA repair service.( covered by the warranty) I sent back without doing anything. What expectation that I can not use my camera. Fuji was not an honest company. I did not get any positive response to the message sent.USA Camera repair department service reference number:42022124


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