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Posted on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 5:30pm CDT by Charlotte W.

Product: Scott & White Hospital

Company: Scott & White Hospital

Location: 2401 S.31st. Street Tyler, Texas
TEMPLE, TX, 76508, US


Category: Law, Civil Rights

On May 2, 2012, Peter "Pete" Sumaruck - a famed Texas inventor - was held against his will for 12 hours at Scott & White Hospital in Tyler, Texas where he was handcuffed by 5 police officer, repeatedly assaulted by hospital staff and held in locked confinement for hours. When Mr. Sumaruck asked police what law he had broken, they replied, "None." He was not a patient at the hospital, he had only stopped by their pharmacy, asking to refill a prescription. Police put him on a gurney in Emergency, while a hospital staff person said, "If you get off this gurney, I'm gonna whip your ass." Mr. Sumaruck did not try to get off the gurney, but staff proceeded to repeatedly assault him, with blows to the upper torso, including his throat,even after he told them how he had experienced very serious carotid artery surgery, now with a visible scar. After many hours, in a small locked examination room, they heavily sedated him and immediately put Mr. Sumaruck outside in the dark, to make his own way home. See article: Now Scott and White has asked him to pay a hospital bill for being kidnapped and assaulted.


Kim D., 2015-04-29, 01:41PM CDT

I have not been pleased with my care from the GI department (Dr Jeffries) at Scott and White. I was prescribed an antibiotic 8 days ago and because they have not followed thru with the pre authorization, I have still not been able to pick up my medicine. This is not good patient care/customer service. Not to mention the time it has taken to call daily to check on the process. I've been promised numerous times that everything was taken care of and that if and when they had new information they would contact me but not once have they taken the initiative to contact me.

ca3796e5, 2015-12-10, 08:56AM CST

I am not pleased with Scott and White billing department. I was referred to Neurosurgery by the Veterans Healthcare Administration for possible surgery. The VA was responsible for all charges effective March 19, 2015 through February 1, 2016. I encountered my first problem August 18, 2015 while processing appointments for pre-op. My third appointment of the day was lab. At this appointment I was refused service unless I provided my private insurance car (BCBS). This is when all the trouble started. S&W immediately began to bill my private insurance for services, as well as VHA. In addition, I was sent bills for co-payments. I contacted BCBS, VHA, and S&W via conference call to correct the issue. After our conversation I thought the issue was resolved. December 9, 2015 I received a call from S&W Billing stated my bill had been sent to collections. This is definitely NOT good customer service, especially when the patient make contact with all agencies involved to resolve the issue.

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