Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2012 at 3:05pm CDT by 9d73832a


Location: MN, US


Category: Products, Services listed an ottoman for store puchase at a price $27.98. The item is not sold online. When I tried to purchase the item at 3 local stores, I was told the item was on sale for $65.00. I reported this and emailed the advertisement to After waiting for 2 days for a respond from corporate, that the price may be different at each locations.

My question to him was....Can you provide me a location where the ottoman is actually $27.98 as listed. The response was I can tell you where they have it available.

Why would you advertise this item for consumers to go into your local store and not honor the price?

The advertisement for this item has been removed from the website!

All I want target to do is honor the price that was advertised on 9-18-2012.


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