- $100 Gift Card With Less Than $100 Value!!!

Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2012 at 11:09pm CDT by A J C.

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I was given one of these gift cards and never got to use the full value. Near the $6 or $7 balance, the card was blocked for even one last transaction of $5. Has any one else experienced this? I have to wonder how much nationwide revenue is captured by in this silent way. Someone pays $100 for a giftcard, and then only $93 or $94 is useable?

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Business Reply  Mark R., 2012-09-27, 09:19AM CDT

Hello AJC,

I work for I am sorry for your troubles. We want all of our customers & gift card recipients to have a good experience.

Rest assured that your gift card is legit and will work...however a Visa or MasterCard gift card is processed differently than a credit card. Some retailers that you attempted to use the card at (especially smaller businesses) may have older systems that are not able to automatically determine your gift cards balance and ONLY run it for that amount.

For instance, if you have $7 left on the card an attempt to make a purchase for $10, if the retailer's system is older it may decline the transaction. The best practice to avoid a potential decline is to let the cashier know exactly how much is on the card and ONLY to run it for that amount. Please note that larger retailers like Target & Walmart can automatically detect the balance on your card and will ask you for a 2nd form of payment for the balance.

Also, if you attempted to use your card and it was declined as you mentioned, and then tried to use it a 2nd time shortly after for a smaller amount, please note that the 1st retailer likely placed a hold on your card and has not yet released the funds back to the card. They are legally required to do so within 10 business days. This is unfortunately common practice with any credit or debit payments and out of our control.

Please call us anytime and we would be happy to help out. Our toll free number is on the back of your card.



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