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Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2012 at 2:25pm CDT by 6af3cb92

Product: Spa One - Punta Gorda Fl. Caroline Thonon - owner

Company: Spa One Day Spa

Location: 115 Taylor st. Punta Gorda, Fl. 33952


Category: Health, Beauty

Ms. Caroline Thonon, owner of Spa One in Punta Gorda, FL is a thief. She is the most deceitful person I know. I have never met someone who comes across so Godly and angelic, gives you a hug, then turns around when your not looking and steal your money. She steals from her customers and Spa One's employees. She skims off her employees paychecks and takes all or part of their tips. Even though she keeps getting caught, she makes excuses for the "mistake" on their checks but still does it. Funny how the "mistake" is never for more money! When she gets caught stealing tips, she just reaches in her purse and hands over the money, with no questions asked. One time she said, 'Well I have to pay for the 3% credit card fee!" (That would come out of her profit from the commission the worker earned her.) @ Spa One

What type of person would have a fund raiser for a child, then keep most of the money for herself? Caroline Thonon would. She had the event at Spa One, told people she raised almost $4,000, posted on Facebook she raised over $3,000, then gave the little girls family between $1,200 -$1,300??!! She has also had fund raisers for the children in Haiti. I wonder how much they actually got. I don't know how she sleeps at night. She has no conscious. @ Spa One

Spa One in Punta Gorda is also infested with huge roaches, mold and is filthy. It is a known flood area that with too much rain, water comes in. Sometimes it doesn't even have to flood, just the rain blows in the door. The wood floors are just left there to get moldier and moldier. Some of the employees have had reactions to it. One had to go to the hospital. She is too cheap to run the air at a decent temperature during the day. It gets so hot the employees and clients sweat. Then turns the air off at night, I'm sure the mold if flourishing daily. One guy said that was working up in the ceiling that it was black with mold. (Previous hurricane damage)

There was a different spa/salon at that location before she opened Spa One. She has taken full advantage of that. People walk in think it is the same business. At Christmas time she sold thousands of dollars of gift certificates to husbands who bought for their wive. When the wives saw it was Spa One and not the previous spa that they went to, they wanted a refund. She wouldn't give it to them. She even knew they were there to buy the certificates for the other spa, didn't disclose it and even lied about it. Said, "It just say Spa One on the credit card receipt." She even took the "Spa One" name out of her website address. Instead of it being, I think it was "Spa One day" now she has changed it to "punta gorda day" @ Spa One

I felt compelled to let others know and warn them about Spa One. I was warned and chose to make excuses for her because she just seemed so nice and thought it couldn't be true or wouldn't effect me. She gets away with it for a long time. But she eventually gets caught. It seems like the majority of employees she can keep are inexperienced straight out of school. I guess they are just happy to have a job. Who wants to pay $42 for a haircut by someone with no experience? Usually those people go to cheap walk in places like and First Choice for them to get people to 'practice' on. Beginner quality with experienced prices. @ Spa One


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5aa1ddb7, 2012-10-12, 08:38PM CDT

I have known Caroline for 9 years thru all the businesses she has owned and even worked for awhile at one of them. I find this report to be offensive and untrue in every way.

She is an extremely hard worker and she expects the same from employees which really seems to make some of them mad and obviously by this post....vindictive! Who ever likes everything about their boss? I have actually been there getting my hair done and have heard her tell someone that "the other" spa has moved and then give them directions to it.

When I worked for her I took calls and emails from the owner of the "other spa" that moved a block away, who was ALWAYS rude, obnoxious and was usually slurring words when on the phone. Caroline is the most giving person and it's unimaginable to think someone would call her greedy or say she steals!

There's no way in this world she would collect money for a child and keep some of it, how absolutely ludicrous!! She is a Guardian Ad Litum thru the courts for children in need and she gives to anyone in need, does anything for the community and elsewhere.

As for ridiculing the US, you're insane! Being a part of the US means everything to her. Sounds like someone needs to grow up and quit being spiteful and jealous!

6af3cb92, 2012-10-13, 12:02AM CDT

You obviously have only seen one side of Caroline. Many have seen the greedy side. Usually it is people that have done business with her. That is why so many people quit Spa One. Not jealous, vindictive, or spiteful. Just putting a warning out to people before they are financially victimized by her. I don't know how she sleeps at night. So sad there are people like that in the world. It amazes me how sweet and wholly she can be when you are doing something to benefit her or in the same aspect she can be so opposite if she doesn't like you. Even if she does like you, she will still steal from you. She isn't fair with employees at all. One previous employee said "She isn't happy unless she has made someone cry that day." Whoever reads this doesn't have to take my word, all they have to do is ask people in the business. Word gets around, she has a very bad reputation. Like I said, I'm not trying to be mean at all to her, I'm just warning others, just like I was warned before I got involved. But I thought to myself, it can't be true, she seems so nice! She couldn't do all those bad things I heard. I thought maybe just all people don't get along. But that isn't it at all, the greed takes over, I don't think she can help herself when the opportunity arises. I'm very sorry, but it is all true. I kind of feel like if I see my neighbor get robbed and just sit down and don't do anything about it. It is my responsibility to take my time to take action and do the right thing. Make people aware. No offense Caroline, you just won't stop, even when you are confronted and asked to.

d90313c0, 2012-10-13, 10:11AM CDT

I feel sorry for you that you are such a little person and have to resort to back door idiocy like this! I'm a business person in Punta Gorda AND I've worked for Caroline and you are wrong on every count. She DOES NOT have a bad reputation with other business people, in fact just the opposite. If anyone has questions about her business ethic, check with John Wright at the Chamber of Commerce, check out the awards she has won, talk to someone reliable that hasn't been fired! But don't listen to this small minded person who is just trying to malign someone for no reason. Their only goal here is to ruin someone, it has nothing to do with anything else. Gee makes you wonder, could it be someone from that "other spa" that is just flat out jealous??? Keep up the libel and slander you're only making yourself look bad....what goes around comes around....hope you get it back ten fold.

6af3cb92, 2012-10-16, 10:34PM CDT

Your names or comments don't bother me. If you worked for her, then you really DO know about her crooked ways, your just sticking up for your friend. It was an everyday issue. Especially if you worked at the front desk. Caroline is probably crying victim to her friends saying "I don't do that, will you write something?" (With a dramatic & believable Boo-hoo) Your a good friend, sticking by her side now matter what.

When Caroline is confronted about stealing, she denies it or just hands the money over with no questions asked when she knows there is no getting out of it and got caught. You just are one of the lucky ones that haven't gotten stung or you didn't catch your paycheck short every week by $5. That is the way she gets away with it. People trust her so they assume their check is right. $5 here, $10 there from 10 people a week adds up quick.

She does come across like a saint and do things to earn her brownie points. (Someone else just needs to be in charge of the fund raising money.) That goes along with the image she tries to portray. How wonderful she wants people to think she is and has it put in the newspaper and announce her good deeds for all to see instead of just doing it and not putting it in the newspaper. That's why it is such a shocker when she gets caught what she does when your not looking. This is what the Rip-off Report is for, is to warn others about rip off artists.

I said ask people in 'the' business. Not just business owners. They probably wouldn't know anything about her personally. Unless it is someone who did business with her. Papillon? Ex business partner. People like that.

John Wright is just a friend of Caroline's. Just because he is at the Chamber, that doesn't mean anything. So?

So is that what she tells everyone that everyone got fired, lol. I'm not surprised, she lies about everything, she just can't help it. I thought long and hard and I can only think of 1 older person that Caroline fired from Spa One. She did such a bad job straight out of school, it was embarrassing. Everyone else quit. Everyone. Don't take my word for it, just ask all of them. That is why there is such a huge turnover of people working there. What is the 1 common thing about everyone leaving, it's Caroline. That doesn't make sense that it was everyone else. It has to be really bad for people to leave in this business. So your saying it was everyone else doing things wrong for her to fire people every month? It wasn't uncommon that a few people quit all at once. That doen't make sense, they got fired. She didn't fire everyone, she just can't keep anyone. That was embarrassing too. Clients were always saying every month, "Where did _____________ go?" Next month - "Who is this new person?" I have been in this business a long time and in a handfull of different salons, I have never seen a turnover of people that Caroline has had at Spa One.

I feel really bad for the people still working there at Spa One. I don't know why they stay there. I wish there was something I could do, but it's out of my hands and I know there isn't a lot to choose form in the area that has room form them to go. I like a lot of them, they are very nice girls and Caroline doesn't deserve them or anyone for that matter. I think it for some is that she is such a great liar, she has them brainwashed and think that she can't affect them for the few that are left. I don't think they should support her. I heard it was a ghost town in there now.

What is there to be jealous of Caroline? I wouldn't want to be anything like her. She is a phony. Cute figure, and owns a scabbed together moldy building. That is about it. I'm happy for people who do good for themselves and are successful, not for people who steal from others.

Yes, what comes around goes around. I'm being 100% truthful and warning people (nothing wrong), she is stealing from the people who are making her money (110% wrong.) Unethical. I have rung the bell and did my good deed to let people know. I don't have anything else to say, well there is a lot more I could say, but I won't. Who knows how long it will take for her to get what she deserves. I say to you, keep your money in your pocket and don't do ANYTHING financial with her, no matter how small and you won't have any problems with her. I think she would make a great friend, you just can't mix it with finances.

I urge anyone who may see this that Caroline ripped-off to add on to this report. Let others know what she did to you.

I will be happy if just one person reads this report and heeds the warning and doesn't dismiss it the way I did. Hopefully there will be more then just one person seeing it and my time doing this will keep people from getting in a bad situation and being ripped-off.

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