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I purchased the TV in Jan. 2011 mainly to watch 3D movies. The cost of the TV including taxes was just over $2000.00, then the cost of the 3D glasses 6 pairs at approximately $150 per glass was approx. $900. I used the TV from Jan. 11 to Oct. about 5 times, only to watch 3D movies, it wasn't hooked up otherwise. In October my brother moved in and I put the TV in the spare bedroom and hooked it up to the cable. My brother's job takes him out of town quite a bit so the TV was not watched much, but it was being watched more often than before. A few days ago the TV would not turn on. I called customer service and within a few minutes I was told that the power board needed to be replaced and the gentleman would do me a favour and only charge me $275.00. I told him I bought and paid more for a Sony versus a Vizio or other lesser brand name because of the quality. He informed me that I was out of warranty. I was not satisfied and asked to speak to the Manager. The next day Clarence called back and after I explained everything again he said he couldn't help me it would have to go to his manager Malana R. and she would call me the next day. Malana R.

just called and after explaining everything for the third time, needless to say, if she is the manager of customer service then there is no point in phoning customer service, because I received no service at all. I was talked down to and laughed at. When I addressed the manner in which she was speaking to me she apologized for me thinking that she is talking down to me but later in the conversation laughed at me for not purchasing a warranty, when I commented on her laughter, she then tried to explain why she laughed. I then advised her that when I purchased the TV and it's accessories for more than $3000.00 I thought I was buying quality and did not think a warranty was necessary. I would think maybe after 3 years or more, things would go, but not after 1 year and 8 months and with very little use. She said that it is a manufacturer's defect and it does not matter how long or how often it was used. Maybe if I used the TV more at first it would have broken under the warranty and then it would be replaced under the warranty, am I to presume that it is my fault for not using my TV more. I realize it is my fault for not purchasing the warranty but I was buying a Sony and thought I was buying and paying for quality and would hope that a warranty would not be needed for a product less than 2 years with very little use. I realized I was getting nowhere and asked her if was she going to replace the board at no cost or did I have to go further. She said that she would not replace the board and no cost and there was no further to go. I was impressed to hear that, thinking, am I speaking to the owner of Sony. I told her she will be surprised when I did go further. I called again to get the spelling of her name and ask who would be her supervisor, when the gentleman came back on the phone he said that Melana was the manager and there is no one above her and that there is nothing more they can do about my problem. I then asked him if he spoke with her and if this is what she told him to tell me and he confirmed it. I called the main number again to find someone in a higher position and was advised that I could contact Carolyn H. - assistant to the President which I will do shortly. On a last note, not everyone can afford the warranties when making a purchase but one would hope that when you are paying top dollar for a product with a reputable name, you are getting quality and should not have to rely on a warranty, however, should something happen as in my case, then the company should recognize that this is not a normal situation and do the right thing. I could have bought a TV from Vizio or JVC much cheaper and would definitely have bought the warranty and would not be in this position. When I bought the TV, there were other brands cheaper but they all looked the same, however, I chose Sony for the name brand. Maybe in the future we should be going with the cheaper TVs, then we could either purchase the warranty with the extra money or just replace the TV when it becomes necessary.


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