T-Mobile - T-Mobile Overcharging

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 at 5:44pm CDT by Gary S.

Company: T-Mobile

Location: US

URL: www.tmobile.com

Category: Products, Services

As of September 17,2012, I received my bill from T-Mobile. And noticed that they had raised my rates one more time. For the past year T-Mobile has been raising their charges rapidly. For the past 6 months I used my equipment in the same manner as I always have. I haven't used it any more than I have in the past. Now, T-Mobile has raised my monthly bill to $150......and that's per month !! In my contract I've got a limit of 2gb of data. September 18th I checked it, to make sure I haven't gone over that. I didn't. And I also got "Unlimited Text and Talk". So I haven't gone over my limit of telephone calls. Unfortunately, T-Mobile is protected by the U.S. Government, so there's nothing I can do. Either pay that exorbitant amount, or have my service disconnected. In that case, I'd HAVE to move to another provider. I'm on disability and retired from the V.A. (I worked in a V.A. Hospital), and can't afford to pay $150 a month. Then whnen T-Mobile starts raising my bill to $160......$170.....etc....a month...............


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