virgin money insurance - insurance, just legal racketeering

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 at 12:14pm CDT by zane g.

Product: insurance

Company: virgin money insurance

Location: Nelson Mandela Square, 2nd Floor, West Tower, Maude Street, Sandton, 2196


Category: Business, Finances

insurance companies are just a legal way of stealing from honest hard working people. we pay them religiously every month, and if, heaven forbid, you have to claim for something, they look for loopholes to avoid paying... let me rephrase, to avoid giving you back some of your money. instead, without blinking, they increase your premiums, taking even more from you. why do we bother paying these companies? are we so gullible that we actually believe they will be a safety net in a time of crisis?

there was a time when gangsters promised protection to people for a fee. this was nothing more than extortion. now, they tell you how unsafe the world is, how dangerous it is, and if something were to happen to you, will you be ok? according to me, the only difference is that they don't hurt you themselves. but in this day and age, they don't need to. just the thought of it is enough to send us all running for our wallets to pay blindly.


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