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Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 4:25am CDT by Melissa T.

Product: Chocolate Yorkie puppies


Location: Mississippi 601-248-4728.


Category: Pets, Animals

The breeder Becky accepted my $650 deposit for a Chocolate Yorkie male puppy and never shipped him to me and would not refund my money. Deliberately kept my Christmas money for my Christmas puppy a gift from my husband. A very sad thing not to get your puppy and a very disgusting situation to blatantly rip somebody off. Shame on you Becky.


Melissa M., 2013-07-11, 05:06PM CDT

You do not want a puppy from them! Sorry to hear you lost your money. I purchased a puppy form them and it turned into a rescue. She has a horrific bite and had giardia when I got her. She later developed the puppy version of mange which is hereditary or genetic. Of course they did not believe me! They are only in breeding for the money and are very dishonest to make a sell.

I have my puppy, she is one years old and very delicate as a result of the demodectic mange which was extremely costly to treat not to mention painful for my precious pup. Becky and Allen are also still breeding the mother, Emma, which carries the mange that is being passed along to her puppies!

Business Reply  Allen M., 2014-06-28, 06:14PM CDT

This post has just come to our attention. Again - as we did with Miss Mayhew (the person commenting on 7-11-2013), we will state the truth, show emails to prove it, and let it be. As is usual among most breeders, deposits are nonrefundable. In fact, Ms Temple-Alpichi with Sweet Yorkie Kisses(the customer's name), filed a dispute with PayPal, which PayPal found in our favor after investigating the matter. MS ALPICHI SENT $650 ALTOGETHER. DEPOSIT FOR BOTH BOYS WAS $500. WE DID REFUND $150 BACK TO HER. This dispute notice received from PayPal shows $500 as the disputed amount. That shows one of the lies she told above in that the deposit (for two boys) was $500, not $650:

Kevin Alpichi has posted a new message in the Resolution Center regarding

this dispute.

Log in to your PayPal account to review the buyer's message and post a


Buyer's name: Kevin Alpichi

Buyer's email: [email protected]

Transaction ID: 7PH173388F751074C

Transaction date: Oct 7, 2011

Transaction amount: $500.00 USD

Your transaction ID: 6DU83713JN771941D

Case number: PP-001-529-216-438


Payment Details


Payment Date: Oct 7, 2011

Transaction Amount: -$500.00 USD

Your Transaction ID: 6DU83713JN771941D

Buyer?s Transaction ID: 7PH173388F751074C

This deposit was actually for TWO Chocolate boys. Price for both was $1500 ($750 each). Ms Alpichi agreed to keep one boy and asked if she could place the other boy with a friend (as we understood it, for the same price she got him for). As it turns out, Ms Alpichi placed an ad before she even got the boys from us, asking $2500 for the ONE boy who supposedly would be placed with a friend. That is called brokering and we do NOT sell our puppies to brokers. We make every effort to place our puppies in loving homes where we have gotten to know the buyer as much as possible through communications before placing them. The ad that I found she had placed has since been taken down, but here is the email where I informed her I had discovered the ad:

From: [email protected]

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 14:45:31 -0700

To: <[email protected]>

Subject: You're joking - right?!

Hi Melissa,

[email protected] ([email protected]) found your ad AKC Chocolate Yorkie puppy interesting and would like to get more details.

Message from [email protected]:

2,500??? Parti?? Gold?? Platinum?? Please remove this ad and ALL other ads you have using my dog!


This e-mail has been sent to you on the behalf of [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding this e-mail please contact us.

The ad was asking $2500 for a Chocolate boy(THE PICTURE SHE POSTED WAS OUR PUPPY THAT SHE WAS TO PLACE WITH A FRIEND) that carried for Parti, Gold and Platinum. That in itself was a lie because the boy was straight up Chocolate and carried for nothing else (which Ms Alpichi knew).

We at M & M Chocolate Yorkies are honest breeders who expect everyone we deal with to be honest. We look for the very best homes for our Yorkies. We do NOT sell to brokers. If anyone who sees this complaint would like further information, please feel free to contact us. We will not post another response here. We have tons of email to back the truth in this matter. we can also provide references from our many puppy buyers (many who have bought more than one from us) over the years. So sad that it's so easy to post lies on the internet these days and get away with it. We apologize for having to respond, but wanted the truth to be posted in this situation.

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