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Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 3:37pm CDT by Stacey


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I do not recommend purchasing the egift card from I had a terrible experience with this. says, "Email an eGift Card...It's easy and arrives in minutes by email." I purchased a $100 eGift Card expecting it to arrive in my daughter's email "within minutes" so she could buy groceries, but instead I received a confirmation email stating "Via email, recipient should receive card within hours of ordering." However, it has been more than 17 hours since the purchase and my daughter has not received the eGift Card yet. After making several phone calls to Walmart Customer Service and, I am informed that she may not receive it until tomorrow morning after my prepaid credit card clears the financial processing. That will be more than 36 hours after the purchase was made! Several phone calls to Customer Service accomplished nothing but being put on hold for long periods of time and given no resolution to the problem. During the last phone call with a "manager", I was transferred to yet another line where I could file a customer complaint and where I was put on hold for nearly an hour with no answer. I guess they were hoping I'd get tired of waiting and hang up or they have that many customer complaint calls. After this mess, I will never make a purchase from again, let alone another Walmart store anywhere.


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9fd791f9, 2013-11-25, 07:50PM CST

I'm experiencing the same thing. So frustrated! Trying to send an eGift card to my son so he can buy some groceries. The Walmart web page said "usually immediately," then on another order confirmation page it said "from 4 to 48 hours!" Then, I call Walmart and the girl said it was because Paypal hadn't released the funds. I know this to be a bold faced lie since I'm a Premier Paypal member with no limits to my purchase ability and my Paypal account is linked directly to my checking account. I've purchase hundreds of items through Paypal and the money is always transferred immediately. I called Walmart back and told them that Paypal shows me having sent the money to, but payment was "pending." This other girl said from what she could see, the payment was approved etc., and it could be there any minute now (this is over 24 hours from when I purchased the gift card). This is ridiculous. This is strictly due to Walmart's lack of ability, whether technically or whatever, to work through online vendors and payment systems in a day when money is transferred immediately for goods and services that are shipped immediately.

e555bb76, 2014-09-02, 08:52PM CDT

Well it took 3 times to try to order an e gift card at Walmart. Com and one time at And is the winner!

Your egift service sucks.! You canceled 3 of my orders and 3 attempts.

In fact I even ordered an egift card today at and my order went through the first time with no problems.

I doubt very seriously that I'll ever order online with again. And I for sure won't refer your services to anyone I know.

373ccc18, 2014-12-24, 10:55AM CST

I am having an issue as well but completely different. This is the second year in a row I have tried to send my family, who live half-way across the US) and eGift card. I have done so in years past and it was fine. But for the past two years I get a message that the order is cancelled with no indication why. Last year I spent weeks trying to figure it out and finally gave up. An email from customer service last year stated that the credit card info on file didn't match the credit card company. However, the credit card company states that the pre-approval was all fine!! The biggest issue is that I cannot get someone on the phone to help figure out and resolve the issue. The stores just do not have any way to help. I will try for just a couple days this year. If it is not figured out then I will seek alternative gifts albeit late gifts! I will probably not shop at Wal-mart any longer!

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