Sammy furniture / Ashley Furniture Hagerstown, MD - SAVE YOUR MONEY, DON'T BUY

Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 9:01am CDT by 7f593a07

Product: Leather Furniture

Company: Sammy furniture / Ashley Furniture Hagerstown, MD

Location: US

Category: Furniture

DO NOT BUY FURNITURE SOLD BY THIS COMPANY OR ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!! My own experience, they WILL NOT stand behind their product (leather chair). The leather of my chair began to peel off the chair in only 10 months after purchase. The company said they DO NOT COVER PEELING LEATHER. Is this not "MATERIAL DEFECT or FAILURE"? They tried to blame on the use of "hair products" which I use NO additional products in my hair (besides shampoo for normal hygene). The complaint to the BBB was of no help. All they did was be the middle man and pass letters. Again, I purchased from ASHLEY FURNITURE, HAGERSTOWN, MD. and SAMMY FURNITURE is I guess the supplier. It is a VERY UNSATISFACTORY COMPANY and PRODUCT. I am trying to save you your money, DO NOT PURCHASE ANY LEATHER PRODUCT by SAMMY or ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!! Bye the way, this company doesn't mind losing customers over a chair of less than $500.00 which I find really pathetic. (Date of purchase above is approximate)

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Michael M., 2012-09-17, 01:00PM CDT

Now I know I'm in trouble; I found this site to warn the world of devious practices by Ashley furniture outlet called RAC or RENT-TO-OWN stores... They had shown me onLine a captains bed, that is, a bed with drawers built into the base, but delivered a bed with only two drawers! I was told before the purchase there was a money-back guarantee but the sales person lied to me today ( monday ) when he told me he was not able to pick it up last Wednesday and next monday ( today) was the earliest day he could come. Now after calling him again to find out where he was, he states he never said that!

Instead of a pickup today, all I got was B/S from the store folks. I'm attempting to contact corporate if that doesn't work, I'll use another avenue.

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