Patio Restaurant - Customer

Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2012 at 12:34pm CDT by Tim F.

Product: Food

Company: Patio Restaurant

Location: 1401 Oriskany blvd
UTICA, NY, 13502, US

Category: Food

My daughter and I went into the Patio Restaurant on Oriskany BLVD in Utica NY to order 2 Chicken Dinners to go. Each Dinner was $9.95. With tax it was over $20.00.

First up, let me say that they took 90 minutes to get them ready. I couldn't believe it. After 30 minutes I demanded a refund and said I'd just go elsewhere. The Waitress said. "We can't refund your money. Only the Manager can do that and he is not her right now. If you want, you can come back in 3 hours and get a refund" I had no choice but to wait. I then told her to hurry up. "Oh it will just another 15 minutes," she said. We waited and waited and 90 minutes later we got it. "I'm sorry it took so long," The waitress said. "But were very busy."

Second. The dinners were very skimpy. Each dinner had 4 pieces of fried chicken that were the smallest pieces I've ever seen. There were fries but small portions. They had Cole slaw too, but it was a little paper cup, about 2 Tablespoons worth. We wen't home, but I called hours later to talk to the Manager and he was smart mouth about it. "Well if you don't like it?" he said. "Don't come again. We won't miss you I promise." I could have went to KFC and for the same money got much more food, better service and faster service. I guess I learned my lesson. I will NEVER go back to that lousy service poor excuse of a restaurant again.


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