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Posted on Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at 9:06pm CDT by Boon Huat C.

Company: Wonda Kitcharoen Co.Ltd

Location: SAMUTPRAKARN, 10540, TH

Category: Telecommunications

1. My hand phone number is 081-916-2324. Your promotion is 00500. Only China and Indonesia sometimes I can call that because I'm lucky. If South Korea and Japan totally cannot call it. Your computer is very smart said "call thai" that mean you have to try it again and again. If a business man is a very urgent thing how do you do your 00500 system? I feel that the line is not good or maybe too magic system.

2. My wife name call Nongprajan Boriboon, company name call Wonda Kitcharoen. She take your package, when we go to Taiwan my cheap Nokia still have your roaming, but your package new Apple totally no system. My wife have to call your company, your company call us, call until Nongprajan can get through the line follow me. AIS did your people feel that this is convenience or not. Why I and Nongprajan have to so difficult to use your apple package line. We already have a relationship with your company with more than 15years before my company register. What is your management group doing? Are they sleeping or they don't know or your company just want to make big money. Today i tell you hope you can improve in other customer. Why i take your package my factory in Malaysia in Indonesia call me, I have to run to my second floor or i have to go outside walk from my right ear to my left ear. Do you think you make this money is good feeling or not? We still is your red shirt supporter in ChiangRai ChiangMai and Samutprakarn. If you cannot accept I also do not know what to do.

3. I hope you can improve your all customer but I will say bye bye to you on Monday I will change at least my eight mobile phone to other company. Hope you take your all customer carefully. Forget me, I'm very small in your company.


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