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Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 1:37pm CDT by R J D.

Product: Consumer Marketing

Company: (aka: Wolfe Rewards and Loyalty)

Location: 495 Mansfield Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Category: Products, Services

With full respect for Mr. Wolfe's innovative GiftCards & MyCoupon product lines, I'd like to suggest that his VISA Gift Card product policy and personnel should become more forthright and sincere with regard to transaction dispute between the card user and the merchant. Instead of allowing an internet Customer Service Rep to pretend that a transaction dispute is in process on behalf of the card user, I'd welcome more upfront honesty. Instead of allowing the front-line supervisor of that Customer Service Rep to avoid contact with the merchant in dispute, I'd welcome more upfront honesty. And, finally, instead of ignoring a forthright and voluntary effort to follow-up with the card user regarding transaction dispute, I'd welcome more upfront honesty.

If Wolfe Rewards and Loyalty (WRL) has no intention of facilitating a transaction dispute on behalf of it's card users, then it should state that point-blank with more upfront honesty.... writing strictly for me.

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Business Reply  Tom C., 2012-10-15, 06:37AM CDT takes great pride in providing world class customer service to all of our customers. In situations wherein a customer is unhappy with the product or services they've received, I personally step in to ensure that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure the customer is satisfied. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I have personally communicated with this customer on a number of occasions. This customer disputes a charge placed on his gift card. He insists the transaction did not go through at the point of sale. The merchant indicates otherwise. The merchant indicates the sale did go through and the charge is legitimate. We have instructed this customer repeatedly that a Dispute Form must be completed and returned to us to be able to have the processor research the issue. This is the same form that would be used to dipute a charge on ANY prepaid gift card or credit card. It is standard throughout the industry. This customer has refused to complete and return the form to us. We have instructed him repeatedly that a claim can not be submitted without the form. The customer seems to expect us to reverse a charge on his gift card based on nothing more than his insistence that we do so. He has been completely unwilling to provide us with any additional information. Instead, he chose to come to this website and malign an incredibly ethical company like We are VISA, Mastercard and Discover certified and must pass rigorous regulatory requirements. We not only meet the standards set by these highly reputable businesses, we exceed them. It is, at least, dishonest to suggest that we have done or would ever do business in anything other than an ethical manner. I would still appreciate the opportunity to assist this customer with his concern. I would appreciate it if he would fill out the dispute form as required and forward it to me. I assure him I will personally see to it that the form and the claim is expedited (as I have repeatedly offered previously). Tom Cribbs Customer Service Director

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