US Weekly, SUBCO, Millennium Marketing - Unauthorized Subscription

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 6:19pm CDT by Jenn

Company: US Weekly, SUBCO, Millennium Marketing

Location: US

Category: Magazines, Newspapers

I received a US Weekly magazine in the mail today. I have never ordered this magazine, nor would I ever. Not of my interest. I went onto their website and found that the subscription was ordered through SUBCO and I would need to contact them to cancel. (1-800-258-3350 is the number for SUBCO) I promptly called them and the lady I talked to was very polite although I was put on hold within 10 seconds of her answering. But she did cancel the order and when I told her I had never ordered this she informed me it was a complimentary year subscription placed through another company. That company was Millennium Marketing, was given the number to contact them as well (1-800-456-6565). Have to wait until Monday to contact them. Am unable to find a number for US Weekly, if anyone stumbles across this please share. Asked the lady at Subco to remove me from their list and was told they did not have any list. I find it very odd that anyone would receive a complimentary year subscription for a weekly magazine with an annual price of $150+! I best not be charged a penny. No card info was provided, but they already had my name, address and email so who knows what other info they have?? Searches for SUBCO have brought up many complaints of fraud and Millennium Marketing, well I can't find anything on a company with that name dealing with magazines. Hope this doesn't turn into a long fight as I have read from others!!


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dd3ad2f9, 2013-02-12, 02:59PM CST

I noticed this too and I had not subscribed either. I found a link to their site: and clicked on "Account Status". On the Subscriber Only Login section, I filled out my info and I was soon able to find out when my "subscription" was placed. My receipt said to call 800-258-3350 which I did and spoke with a very polite "Gloria". She informed me that both US Weekly and Better Homes & Gardens were bth free introductory offers (free 1 year subscription to both) and if I didnt want to renew to just ignore the renewal cards. She said the subscription was absolutely free and they did not have my credit card on file but I'm not taking the chance. I cancelled both and got a confirmation number from her.

I also researched the US Weekly subscription price and it ranged from $30 - $67 (Barnes & Nobel) to $69.99 on the US Weekly website. Either way, I smell something fishy!

Cyndi O., 2014-08-01, 09:10PM CDT

I also just started getting US WEEKLY & BETTER HOMES & GARDENS. I first called US WEEKLY who told me the subscription was placed through a company named "SUBCO", & there was nothing they could do to cancell the subscription. They could thou, give me the phone no. to SUBCO, Inc. The number is 800-258-3350. I called & was told I needed to call back during business hours. I called at 2:00pm on a Friday afternoon. Is this a way people can use this company to subscribe you to magazines you don's want, then have to deal with the hassle of getting out of the subscription. I also as the person above don't like the idea of a company I know nothing about having my Personal Information. Is there anything that can be done about this happening to what seems quite a few people?

JD M., 2014-11-11, 07:31PM CST

This company is sending me three unsolicited magazines. From what I read I may have to make up to two more calls to confirm I won't be charged. "Jose" said he stopped them and I won't be charged by "them". Who to call is the question to make sure I am not charged because nothing is free except for advice.

e6c3d637, 2015-06-15, 03:58PM CDT

Rcv'd: ESPN. Called ESPN Magazine [1:04p.m. PDT 6-15-2015, 1-888-267-3684, 3 minute hold time], they pointed me to SubCo (653 W. Fallbrook Ave. St.101 Fresno, CA 93711) as the only way to cancel the subscription. Called SubCo [1:09p.m. PDT 6-15-2015, 1-800-258-3350, 6 minute hold time] and was told that it was started by Millennium Marketing as a promotion in hopes that I would continue the subscription. At ESPN I asked that any contact from SubCo entered under my name be dismissed. At SubCo I asked that any subscription from Millennium Marketing under my name be dismissed. I was assured that in the case of SubCo that I would be on their internal do not contact (mail) list. I will wait and see if they attempt to bill me for anything.

69cdca0a, 2015-07-16, 05:27PM CDT

I have played the run around game with Subco, Millennium and the magazine name itself;each blaming the other company. I just got a new magazine added to the 3 other ones I never signed up for. So I am currently receiving 4 magazines I do not even open because they are not something I would look at. If anyone gets anywhere let me know. Because my recycling bin has enough things in it.

515922a4, 2015-09-29, 02:13PM CDT

Response from SubCo:

"Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Golf Digest magazine. I extend my sincere apologizes to you for any inconvenience this has caused.

Subco, while being the recipient of your request, is a clearinghouse that fulfills magazine subscriptions sold by Independent Sales Agents - our records indicate the order was entered by the sales agent Millennium Marketing.

The phone number for Millennium Marketing should you choose to contact their office directly is 1-800-456-6565.

Our records indicate this was being sent to you as a paid special offer, therefore you should not be receiving a bill. Please rest assured Golf Digest has been completely cancelled effective 9/29/2015. Due to publishers labelling procedures, you may receive one or two more issues of the magazine before it ceases arriving. We hope that you will enjoy these with our compliments.

In addition to cancelling your subscription we have also placed your name and mailing address on our Internal Do Not Mail List - this list in maintained in perpetuity.

Here at Subco, we aim to achieve a high standard of superior customer service and your happiness is our number one priority. We have notified Millennium Marketing of this request to guarantee you will be satisfied as it relates to this matter.

If you would like to learn more about Subco you may visit our website at See Subscriber Resource or FAQs section of our site.

For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Our office is located in Fresno, California."

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