Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012 at 1:39pm CDT by Splinters27

Company: EWT Painting

Location: 211 Park Avenue

Category: Building, Construction

EWT Painting is operated by Eugene Tonissen of Huntington, NY. He has no insurance, no license to work in Suffolk/Nassau Counties, and has no drivers license. It is manditory for a house painter to have a work license and insurance in Suffolk/Nassau Counties. If an unlicensed contractor gets injured on your property, he can sue you. Use only licensed and insured contactors. Stay away from EWT Painting!


Broadway D., 2013-12-19, 07:30PM CST

Mr. Eugene Tonissen claims he can not raise a family on $53 a day. Mr. Tonissen has not worked a full time/part time job or paid taxes since 1985. He claims he has a house painting business. He has no insurance, no driver's license, no legal contractor's license, and does not pay any taxes. He takes on odd jobs here and there to purchase his alcohol and drugs He is a deadbeat dad who would rather sit around the house and get high and drunk while his wife earns a living to support their daughter. This piece of garbage is a drug addict, liar, deadbeat, and a thief. Earning $53 a day is still better than doing absolutely nothing to contribute something to his family. I have no pity for Eugene Tonissen. I also have no pity for deadbeat dads who should support their children. Get a job Eugene! Anything to support your family.

David J., 2014-03-19, 08:52PM CDT


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