John Clark Home Service - John Clark Home Services aka Budget Home Services Beware RIPOFF

Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2012 at 10:06pm CDT by Debra H.

Product: Remodeling Contractor

Company: John Clark Home Service

Location: 48388 Spellman
HOUSTON, TX, 77035, US

Category: Building, Construction

John Clark Home services was contracted to build a sound proof walk in 8x10 server rack room and a wall closet with folding doors. Run electric wiring and some light electrical work, move a fan, add a light fixture, install two window A/C units. Also he was to clear out the space of desks, work benches, etc and haul the trash off. The contract stipulated estimated completion 5 business days from 8/9/2012. Work commenced on 8/9/2012 it took 1 1/4 days to remove the trash which he billed me separately even though it is listed in the original contract. The remainder of the second day the workers left they were waiting on deliver of supplies for the framing and sheet rock. According to John he ordered the supplies

at a Home Depot close to his location, but found out later in the day Home Depot could not transfer the order for deliver to the Home Depot 5 min from my location.

On 8/10/2012 I accepted the second billing for labor and dumping fees for hauling off the trash. I questioned John why so much he said that I agreed to $8.00 an hour for labor, since it was a small amount, I did not dispute the extra charge, the $8.00 an hour was a conversation we had concerning another project where I stated that I did not want to pay more than $8.00 an hour for labor.

John also asked on 8/10/2012 if he can have his first draw of $300.00, which I provided reasoning he needed to pay his workers, most contractors use the ? down for the supplies and draw for employees pay so I did not think this unusual.

The workers came on Monday 8/13/2012, they brought the supplies in and began framing and with a few minor fixes the framing was almost complete. Tuesday 8/14/2012 only one worker showed up

the other worker (who is the carpenter) quit. John came and nailed the 2x4 into the concrete, told me

he has ordered the doors and left. His worker Paul began the sheet rocking on his own.

Wed 8/15/2012 Paul and the worker who quit came to completed the sheet rock, John call his worker Paul to tell him to tell me he had a minor car accident and would not be there on this day. Paul received a second phone call from John and asked Paul if the doors came they were supposed to be delivered. Paul asked if I was out and possibly missed the delivery. I told Paul ?no? both my daughter and I were home all morning and no delivery was made and I did not receive any calls about a deliver.

In the evening my Son Neil Hegmann came to the house and pointed out a few issues with the work

which I brought to Johns attention, needless to say John was irritated about that and made a comment about my sons lack of experience, when I corrected him and told him my son has done this kind of work and knows what he is looking at, John made the corrections to the areas that were pointed out.

On 8/16/2012 Paul again came alone and ran a cat 5 line for internet, and I thought laid the electrical wiring for a new electrical outlet which I later found out he only ran a temporary wire down the length of the wall and two feet into the attic. He reinstalled the ceiling fan that was moved from one location to the other cleaned up and left for the day. John called to inform me that the doors and the workers for floating and painting would be there on Friday 8/17/2012.

Friday comes and no doors and no painters, only Paul who left because there was no work to be done.

When John called to tell me that the person who was to do the painting, floating and deliver the doors was arrested and that he will be released about 2 pm on Monday, and that they would come right

after that. At this point in time is when I told John that this not acceptable this project was taking too

long, he apologized and then asked if I could please give Paul another $300.00 draw. Of course I did so hoping this project would be completed by the following week, since John was so apologetic and promised all would go well.

Monday 8/20/2012 no workers, I called John asked him where the doors were and the workers. He said the workers had to complete a prior job commitment and would be over right after that. Again I asked

where are the doors? And Johns says they are being primed.

Tue 8/21/2012 No workers, called John and he promised the doors and the workers would be there tomorrow Wednesday.

On 8/22/2012 No workers I had to call John and release him from service and again I asked where

the doors were and to deliver them and again I was told they were being primed.

Well I hired another worker and supervised the purchases of the supplies needed to complete the job; I hired an electrician to complete the electrical work that was part of the contract. And for the life of me why he had to order doors??? I purchased the doors straight from Home Depot, so ordering and priming was not needed or was a lie. Which I heard bunches of lies during the process, including the Home depot would not deliver from the home depot close to my location, on and on the lies went.

I paid John $1,250.00 for 1/2 down and then two draws of 300.00 each for a total of $1,850.00 resulting in only a portion of the job being done but I paid him separately for the trash hauling in the amount of $160.00. The framing work was questionable one closet the doors are uneven. And the only supplies purchase and delivered were for the framing and sheetrock process.

He should have paid one employee for 37 hours his workers did not start until 10 AM or later and usually left before 4 PM with about a ? hour for clean up. The second employee for 10 hours my estimate for labor and material on the contract was $835.00 so a refund of $1000.00 is what I expect. According to John now for the third time again claims he is taking materials back for a refund and figuring out what he thinks I should receive as a refund, this was on 8/28/2012 phone call. During this call I demanded and expected the refund payment by 8/31/2012. When no check was received or any communication from John I sent an email on 9/5/2012 stating that I would be filing charges with Harris County District Attorney's office. As of today 9/13/2012 John has not communicated, or mention the amount of the refund he thinks I am entitled to or to even send what refund amount he thinks is

due. The last communications was on 9/10/2012,

I have since done some research and have found two complaints closed in the last 3 years with the BBB under the name of Clark, John Budget Home services.


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