Ticket Horse - Steve Winwood concert at Paramount Theater, Denver, CO

Posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 4:32pm CDT by Keith M. S.

Product: Tickets

Company: Ticket Horse

Location: Unknown Denver, CO
DENVER, CO, unknown, US

URL: www.tickethorse.com

Category: Entertainment

Tickets to this event went on sale last Friday at 10 AM MDT. I went to purchase tickets and had excellent seats (2) in the orchestra center section. I went to pay for the tickets and had several minutes on a clock to seal the deal.

I filled out the form as specified and clicked / checked the box to agree to the terms and hit enter. The screen told me I had to accept the terms. I unchecked and re-checked the box four times and each time I got the same message. By this time, my time had expired and the next best seats were not too good so I passed on them and sent Ticket Horse an email of complaint directly from their site. All this took place by about 10:30 AM on Sept.7, 2012. I have received no answer.

I have read where good tickets are held aside and feel some sort of scam was perpetrated.


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