Kuchipudi Art Academy - Kuchipudi Art Academy Funds Misutilization

Posted on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 10:15am CDT by Alberto B.

Company: Kuchipudi Art Academy

Location: US

Category: Education

The Kuchipudi Art Academy has been charged with gross violation of annual funds allotted to the academy, and it has now come to light that such irregularities exist for the past 5 fiscal years. The annual audit report points to utilization of the fund in purchase of sitars, harmonium, table and other miscellaneous instruments apart from expenditure on development of infrastructure and other facilities. But the reality is far from it for, the students complain of leaking roofs and no proper existence of toilet facilities. Moreover, the instruments available are dilapidated and they are forced to shell out their own cash to purchase new instruments.

The matter has gained significant attention and it is expected to be heard in the High Court in the coming month whereby it will seek to create a three-member committee to probe into the implementation of the allotted funds by the academy.

Misappropriation of Governmental grants is no rarity in a country like India and that has been re-affirmed by the Kuchipudi Art Academy. Where teachers and schools are placed in the same esteem as parents; one who gives them life and the other the art of living life, it is of great shame when such events come into the foreground. Strict action needs to be taken against the corrupt management of Kuchipudi Art Academy and an example be made out of it.


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