- Taking commission even for fake projects posted

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 at 3:28pm CDT by Gokhan S.

Product: Freelancer Technology Pty Limited


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Category: Internet Services


I am a new member.

On web site, freelancers do some web site projects posted on that web site by employers from different countries on the world. Today, a fake user with nickname UsernameU01 posted a fake project for $140 total, he hired me to complete it for him. Then I got an email from saying "Less than 35 hours to respond to UsernameU01's offer?" so I logged into and I accepted his project. But then I saw that he posted the same project with the same title for 8 times and he hired 8 different firelancers for each one. takes %10 commission from his members (freelancers) out of project total bid ($140 in this project), so they took $14 from my credit card without first asking permission about it for a FAKE & non-existing PROJECT. I reported 8 fake projects to and they thanked me with some stupid web site points but they refused to refund my commission ($14). They also took %10 commission from other 7 people so they took $14 x 8 people = $112 for a non-existing project !!!

I need your help or they will continue to charge people's credit cards by the help of some fake project posters on their web site. I am suspicious if they are partners to earn dirty money from their members!!!


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