Old Navy - Rude Behavior and doesn't exchange the same Merchandise

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 at 3:06pm CDT by Tehseena A.

Product: Women's Shirt

Company: Old Navy

Location: 170 West Ridgely Road

URL: oldnavy.gap.com/?tid=onlocalggl

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

My name is Tehseena Ayyub. I went to Old Navy 170 West Ridgely Road in Lutherville, Md 21093 to exchange the women's shirt. I bought a shirt on Thursday 09/06/2012 for $12. It was blue Medium size shirt. It did not fit to me, so I brought back to Old. Navy on 09/10/2012. Cashier (joyce) did not exchange and said that shirt is wet. I said I swear it is not wet. It is just wrinkled. Actually, I kept the shirt in old navy's bag for three days because I tought that I will take it back to the store to exchange from Medium size to Large size. Joyce called her manager or other cashier (Laura). Laura checked the shirt and said she will not change the shirt because it is wet. I swear to her that It is not wet. It is just wrinkle badly because I kept this shirt in the bag for three days. I did not hang up because I needed to exchange. She was like we do not exchange same merchandise or any other merchandise. I said to Laura this is not true because I always exchange my clothes in old navy if they do not fit to me. I said to Laura that I am giving you the tag and receipt. So What is the problem? this is not wet. It is just wrinkle. Well old navy, I am not cheap and I am not mean to be cheap for only 12 dollars. Well, both cashiers insulted me and being disgusted in front of other customers. I am shopping in Lutherville old navy since 2008. This is very embarrasing to me. Joyce and Laura are the worse cashiers I have ever seen. I have spent so much money in old navy because I like the store, but not anymore. I will not shop at this store again or ever in any other Old Navy store. ** I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW. I DID NOT GET THE MONEY BACK. I LEFT THE SHIRT, RECEIPT AND TAG IN THE STORE WITH OLD NAVY BAG. I DON'T LIKE TO BE INSULTED IN FRONT OF OTHER CUSTOMERS WITH ONE OF YOUR CASHIER WHO DOES NOT HOW TO RESPECT CUSTOMERS AND BLAMING THEM FOR NO REASON (WHICH I DID NOT DO IT). THE SHIRT WAS NOT WET. IT WAS WRINKLE BADLY. IT IS NEW AND UNTONCH. Both Laura and Joyce will be Fire for such rude and disgusting behavior.


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