General Electric Corporation - Defect on GE Range Model JB640DR4BB

Posted on Monday, September 10th, 2012 at 12:14am CDT by Susan R.

Product: GE Range - Model # JB640DR4BB

Company: General Electric Corporation

Location: Unknown


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

There is a defect on this product which allows moisture to get into the oven window

Imagine my surprise when i went to use my oven for the second time and there wis a drip line between the two panes of glass that makeup the window on the oven door. The first time I reported it, the technician who came out to fix it told me that this was a "fairly common occurence" because moisture can get between the two glass panes and it requires a technician to remove the door in order to remove any drip lines that occur. He took care of the problem the first time, but the next time I called for the same problem, I was told that this was cosmetic and I would be charged even though my range was still under warranty. By the way, there is nothing in the User's Manual that addresses nor warns of this issue. I emailed Customer Service to inform them that in my opinion this was a defect and I asked that the door be replaced or if that was not possible that the range be replaced. No matter how high I escalated, I was told that this was a cosmetic issue and they would charge me each time a drip line needed to be removed. To me cosmetic is something that I would have done to cause a problem, but I don't think it is cosmetic when all I did was use my oven. I was told not to use my oven for greasy items, such as turkey (Thanksgiving without turkey, I don't think so) and that I should wipe out the oven before I use it every time I use it. I am 68 years old and cannot get down on my knees to wipe out an oven everytime I want to use it. Perhaps I am so upset overt this is because we had just had our kitchen remodeiled and it is fabulous. We thought this range would be the perfect addition. It had all the features we wanted, but we didn't pay that much money to have obvious scars on our oven window. Beware beause if you have this problem, they won't do anything about it.

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116b091b, 2012-10-09, 04:03PM CDT

I have the same problem on a GE convection range, model JB670SPSS, purchased at Home Depot on Nov. 29, 2010. Some turkey gravy apparently dripped in-between the two pieces of glass in the door window--much to my surprise. Surely it seems like the glass should have been sealed! The self-clean oven feature did nothing to help. Although I'm out of warranty, I attempted to check in about this problem with GE--only to wind up in a "phone hell" where prompts permitted me to either schedule or change a repair appointment. The Home Depot appliance center--where I bought the range--gave me two other GE phone numbers to try. One for customer service--which did not seem to work, and one for a "resolution team," which greeted me with a recording that it was closed for Labor Day--more than a month after that holiday had passed. Repair Clinic offers an outer door glass for GE ranges for about $36.65. By removing the current one, I suspect I could clean the inner window and replace the outer one. But I'm definitely not prepared to pay for a service call--especially without knowing the price in advance. BTW, I noted a string of similar GE range window complaints at Gardenweb.

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