Allerton Hotel - How hard is it to e-mail a confirmation?

Posted on Sunday, September 9th, 2012 at 4:49pm CDT by Les R B.

Product: Hotel Accomodations

Company: Allerton Hotel

Location: 701 North Michigan Avenue Chicago IL
CHICAGO, IL, 60611, US


Category: Travel, Vacations

I contacted the Allerton Hotel on three separate occasions to request an e-mail confirmation of reservations for an upcoming trip. My goal was to submit the confirmation, which I was told would detail all taxes and fees, so that my travel sponsor could issue a corporate check in advance of my upcoming trip. The result of the first two calls was being told that the e-mail server requires 24 hours for the delivery of a message. The third call resulted in e-mail being sent, that I received, which simply confirmed the rate, but did not supply the details. I was also told that it was not possible for a fax to be sent over the weekend, as access was restricted to certain managers.

The only reason I will now overnight at this facility is because it is convenient to my activity in Chicago and offered a conference rate. However, if their service to date is indicative of the quality of the accommodations and service, I recommend that if the Allerton is suggested to you for accommodations in the Chicago area, you stay somewhere else. Any of the business chains can and have offered better service over the phone than has the Allerton.


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