LognLLC - Beware LognLLC ? Caveat Emptor

Posted on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 at 4:34pm CDT by Eric S.

Product: iOS & Android Development

Company: LognLLC

Location: 130 Bush St, Floor 8 San Francisco, CA 94104

URL: www.lognllc.com

Category: Products, Services

LognLLC was referred to us as a mobile development shop in San Francisco and was represented to us as being competent, with staff experienced in Android and iPhone development. Upon meeting with LognLLC at their offices in downtown San Francisco, we met with Steve Xu and Jinal Jhaveri, and were assured of their team, experience and ability to do the work -- a very simple Android and iPhone app.

Over the next 2 months, it became readily apparent that LognLLC was merely a front for cheap offshore programming -- the kind of programming you would expect to get on oDesk or eLance for $10-$20 / hour from China or India.

Now that would have been ok had LognLLC done the project management and QA, but they did not. Every time code was handed over to us, the customer, it never worked, or when it did compile, the deliverables were never met and the deltas from our very detailed specifications and assets was never in line with the spec.

Half way through the project their Android developer apparently quit, and they did source a new Android developer who spent the next 6 weeks "refactoring" the code from the last guy -- with the same results. What was turned over to us was not tested, and took another 2 weeks to get to specification.

To add insult to injury, every time we did report a bug or an issue to LognLLC, or if a requirement was not right, we were given excuses upon excuse and basically blown off. For example, in one issue we had a design that was done correctly, and when they switched Android developers, the next guy did something else with the UI that was not a part of the spec. It was originally correct, and the 2nd guy miffed it.

When we brought this up, Steve Xu, ?Director of Engineering? told us that what the developer had done was ?Good by Android Standards?. Apparently our standards were not good enough and the spec was merely a ?suggestion? to these guys.

In another instance LognLLC was to do a simple JSON post, which was failing since they were not sending the correct User-Agent (sending null for some reason even though they were supposed to send a custom string). Rather than fix their bug, they basically told us to go find the problem and even asked us ?Do we know how HTTP works?? Yes. We do. But they did not.

Add to that every time a branch was merged by LognLLC via Git each and every task was wrong. It was a painful process to go back through every commit and test each issue that was supposedly fixed in the branch merge, only to find out that no, it did not work and was never tested.

At the end of the engagement, which by the way was never completed, we had reported a bug ? and told that they no longer had time for us. Contractually LognLLC was obligated to fix the bugs, but instead decided that we were no longer a part of their plans.

Stay far away from LognLLC.


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