Philips - Philips Electric toothbrush

Posted on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 at 5:51pm CDT by fc24219a

Product: Electric Toothbrus Sonicare FlexCare+

Company: Philips

Location: ON, CA

Category: Health, Beauty

I bought two electric toothbrushed of Philips called Sonicare Flex+ which are very expensive.

After a couple of months, the vibration of the handle which enable it to clean stoped working.... I called the customer service and they said they will ship me a new took about 10 days to get it...After a month the other toothbrush had the same problem...again exchange...then it happened for the 3rd time with the already exchanged handle..when I called, very upset, saying the product is apprently defective, I've been told that it is my fault in using it incorrectly...I said that it is geared to be used by 2-3 persons(by changing the heads) but it's just me, and the other one is used by mo son..

Very poor customer service ...a few days ago they have sent as an exchange an old product and when I called they said that it is written that they have sent the right one....They treat you like someone who wants to chaet them....

I would summarize it - unsatisfactory product and a poor customer service...My recommendation - stay away from it....


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