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Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 8:57pm CDT by David C.

Product: Ups

Company: united parcel service (UPS)

Location: US

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Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

we are very unhappy about change in policy on pickups. If they (do not/will not) deliver an item, it used to be easy to arrange to pick it up at UPS office, and they would allow several days after third delivery date. Now they prefer to send items back. On the first day, the sticker left on door gives a three hour window for the next day,which has no more than random relation to next day's attempt, and a place to sign to allow driver to leave parcel if no one home, or can't get to door fast enough--but signing the sticker has no effect. If they wouldn't leave it first time, the signature changes nothing.

If it goes out on truck the third day, decision is already made--if you aren't home(and they seem to be very good at picking those times) or don't get to the door quickly enough, it is going back to sender. Even if you can reach a person at UPS phone number right after truck leaves, you cannot stop item from being returned to sender. If you try to arrange pikup before thid day, you might succede, but most likely you will be told you have to do so on UPS My Choice web site, which is notorious for being difficult, sometimes impossible to navigate. Sometimes you.are told to try again later,site might have a "willhold" option then--usually doesn't.

It frequently seems UPS' preference is not to deliver items,but to retun them to sender. They may even say the shipment HAS been returned to sender, when the truck it is supposed to have been on for delivery has not yet returned to base.


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